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Title: 我國國民中學輔導工作50年的回顧與展望
Other Titles: Retrospect and Perspective of School Guidance and Counseling in Junior High School in Taiwan
Authors: 田秀蘭
Hsiu-Lan Tien, Hung-Wen Lu
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 我國國民中學輔導工作,發軔於1968年九年國民教育的實施。本文針對這50年來學校輔導工作的發展與變革做討論,以檢討過去,並展望未來。就歷史發展而言,輔導工作從觀念的萌芽與試驗、制度的建置與穩定,直到面對社會文化變遷的因應及轉型、相關法令的制定與實施,輔導與諮商工作至今在校園中已相當專業而紮實。就特殊性而言,這些年來,輔導工作一直環繞社會所發生的事件或教育改革相關議題,包括校園霸凌、家暴性侵、性別認同、毒品防治、考試壓力等。針對這些議題所形成的重要法令或規範,使教師能穩定國中學生的心理健康。因著社會問題的多元,輔導教師所需具備的多元能力,也持續在繼續教育或職前教育階段不斷充實。面對今日複雜的學生困難,須共同介入的輔導團隊以及需要互動的學生家庭或社區資源也相對增加,輔導教師更需朝生態觀以及系統性的處遇模式發展。
The school guidance and counseling in Taiwanese junior high schools has commenced since the implementation of the 9-year compulsory education in 1968. Its development included three key stages: from guidance concept enlightenment and experiment, to counseling system establishment, and finally, to transference and legislation. Now it has been quite solid. Particularly speaking, it has been focusing on social issues and educational reform, such as internet cyber bullying, domestic violence and sexual harassment, gender identity, drug abuse, and academic stress, etc. The Student Guidance Act and related enforcement regulations were enacted to lead the counseling practice in school. Multifaceted capabilities are required for school counselors to help students solving the problems. Accordingly, they need to enrich themselves with professional knowledge through pre- and in-service education. Counseling team workers also need to cooperate to each other to deal with the complicated problems encountered by the students and their family members. As a result, ecological perspectives and systematic approaches for the future of school counseling work are in need.
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