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Title: 中小學教師資訊融入教學發展模式及檢核工具之研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Developmental Model and Practical Guidelines for Technology-Integrated Instructional Design for Elementary and High School Teachers
Authors: 徐新逸
Issue Date: Mar-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以系統化教學設計進行資訊融入教學前的規劃,從國內已有資訊融入教學多年經驗的教師與專家,探討其教學案例實施的經歷,瞭解其過程中之分析、設計、發展及評鑑等階段之教學發展,將這些案例的專業經驗及應用關鍵要項呈現出來,綜整歸納出一般教師可參考應用的教學發展檢核工具。研究方法分別採內容分析法及調查法,針對91位具有三年以上資訊融入教學經驗的教師,進行訪談或問卷調查,結果顯示有16個影響項目。此外,加以系統化教學設計流程,提出「教師應用資訊科技於教學之發展自我檢核表」,藉此幫助較為沒有應用資訊科技經驗的教師規劃、發展及自我檢核。本文盼望能提供中小學老師們實施資訊融入教學之標準作業程序及輔助鷹架,以便幫助老師們正確的使用科技來有效地達成教學目標。
This study proposes a developmental model and practical guidelines for integrating technology into classroom instruction for teachers of grades 1-12. After investigating 91 experienced teachers, the researchers have identified 16 factors affecting the effectiveness of technology-integrated instruction plans, and this led to the construction of a new developmental model. Based on a systematic approach (Analysis-Design- Development-Implementation-Evaluation), they have also constructed a set of guidelines in the form of a checklist to better enable both novice and experienced teachers to integrate technology into their program of instruction. Finally, they have provided suggestions for evaluating technology-integrated instruction and for further research.
Other Identifiers: 3C048D12-2801-B1AA-0FCA-05671A7EBC63
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