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Title: 學校行政瘋狂行為實際之探究
Other Titles: The Inquiry of Madness in School Administration: The Example of Junior High Schools
Authors: 黃乃熒
Issue Date: Jul-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在探究學校行政瘋狂行為的實際,包括它的可能特徵、成因、影響及排除之溝通途徑,進而提出改善學校行政品質的建議。學校行政瘋狂行為,係指在學校行政歷程中,超越文化慣例、且不受規範的情緒失控行為,會對學校行政品質產生很大的影響,有必要做相關問題的探究,以謀求學校行政運作的改善,並且藉此建構學校行政的新觀點。本文採用質性研究法,經由三所學國民中學的十二位人員的訪談,包括三位校長、三位行政人員及六位教師,結果發現學校行政瘋狂行為,會阻礙學校目標的達成。而排除學校行政瘋狂行為,必須加強自我組織型態的經營,其關鍵工作在於面對心理、社會及生理衝突時,仍能持續進行溝通。
This study aims to inquire the possibility of madness in school administration. The inquiry of the practice of madness in school administration includes the syndrome, causes, influences, and the communicating strategies of elimination. According to the analyses, the study tries to provide school members with some suggestions to improve school administration. In addition the study attempts to inquire the new perspective for school administration. The study uses qualitative methods to complete the purposes. The data were collected through interviews with 3 principals, 3 administrators, and 6 teachers of 3 junior high schools. It was found that madness in school administration hinders the attainment of school goals. Furthermore it is necessary to eliminate madness in school administration through communicating strategies of self-organization. Also, continuing communication is the crucial when people are faced with psychological, social and physiological conflicts.
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