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Title: 推動十二年國民教育政策之研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Policy of Promoting the Twelve-Year Public Education Program
Authors: 楊思偉
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 在教育發展的軌跡中,從「基礎育全民化」演變到「中等教育全民化」,再轉換到「高等教育全民化」,進而發展到「終身教育全民化」,這些都是教育社會之發展趨勢。基於「教育可以提升人力素質,有利國家社會發展」的前提,延長國民教育年限成為我國長久以來的教育規劃目標,故自 從1968年推動九年國民義務教育後,歷經數任教育部長都曾提出不同形式的延長國民教育方案。政已經初步決定十二年國民教辦理內涵為「免試、免費、非強迫」,並以逐年完成為原則。本文研究以參與政策規劃者身分,將參與整各十二年嘓民教育辦理模式規劃之經過,規劃時的主要理念與主要關鍵爭論問題及規劃完成之政策架構,包括十二年國民教育政策性質和定義、政策架構中的目標、入學方式、學區劃分、學費等做一分析,最後並提出結論與建議,期望對未來推動十二年國民教育政策有所啟示及助益。
Largely due to the influence of other developed countries, extending the Public Education Program has become a trend in Taiwan. Based on the premise that "Education can promote the quality of human resources and assist in the development of our country and the society," extending the number of years of free Public Education in Taiwan has long been an educational planning objective. Thus, even under different ministers of education, none of the proposals for extending free Public Education through the senior high school years has ever been acted on since the Nine-Year Public Education Program was launched of in 1968. The government initially decided that the Twelve-Year Public Education Program will eventually mean "no test, no fees, and no compulsion," and will be gradually carried out as a matter of principle. The author will participate in the process of planning the implementation model for Twelve-Year Public Education. In this paper the author therefore analyzes the basic theory the key arguments and the policy structure. To be included are the definition of Twelve-Year Public Education Program, its perceived goals, its policy structure, admission methods, method for dividing school districts, and projected tuition. Suggestions are provided for the promotion of the new program in Taiwan.
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