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Title: 繪本教學在師資培育上的應用
Other Titles: Using Picture Books to Teach Prospective Teachers How to Manage Their Classrooms
Authors: 王千倖
Issue Date: Mar-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究是藉由教學行動研究,探究繪本在「班級經營」的應用,研究參與者是90位修課的大學生。以質性研究的資料分析方法,分析學生的學習歷程檔案、期末自我評量、期末考和期末問卷調查。研究發現如下:(一)大學生喜歡閱讀繪本,且從繪本獲得心靈的成長;(二)大學生相信繪本可以幫助他們更瞭解青少年的想法與感受;(三)繪本「寓教於樂」的特質,使大學生能夠發自內心的接受書中所蘊藏的道理與觀念;(四)透過繪本閱讀,大學生肯定繪本的教育價值;(五)繪本教學的核心是,在自由民主的學習氣氛中,以開放性問題引導學生思考,建構多元觀點,透過創意的學習活動,增進繪本閱讀的樂趣與教育價值;(六)「教學實踐」勝於「理論教導」,繪本閱讀的推廣,師資培育者當以身作則,於課程中靈活運用繪本進行教學活動。
This study explores the use of picture books to teach prospective teachers the necessary classroom management skills. In Taiwan's National Changhua University of Education, 90 students who were enrolled in a classroom management course participated in this qualitative action research. The data collected include students' portfolios, self-evaluations, final examinations and questionnaires. The researcher has found that: (1) education students like to read picture books and feel they can gain greater spiritual maturity from them; (2) students believe that picture books may help them to better understand adolescents' perspectives and feelings; (3) teaching with picture books is very effective as a form of“teaching without preaching,” so that students accept what they read from the bottom of their heart; (4) students affirm the educational value of pictures; (5) this teaching strategy guides students to be more open in their thinking and questioning, to construct multiple perspectives in a free and democratic climate, to gain pleasure as well as educational value from reading picture books; (6) practical learning is more effective than theoretical explanation.
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