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Title: 資優學生的團體諮商
Other Titles: Group Counseling for Gifted Students
Authors: 潘裕豐
Yu-Fong Pan
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本文主要論述資優學生的團體諮商,對高中資優生進行團體諮商是非常重要\且必要的輔導工作之一。本文以文獻探究和研究者教學之經驗分析與歸納資優生的心理輔導時團體諮商的功能與實施。主要內容主要有對於資優生做團體諮商首要考量應以資優生的認知、情意和社會特質為主,並探究團體諮商能為資優生做什麼?高中資優生的團體諮商方法、針對資優生所定的討論議題、團體諮商之原則與目標。最後,提出對未來資優生的輔導與諮商促進者的技巧。
The article mainly discussed the group counseling for the gifted and talented students. Group counseling for gifted students in senior high school is an essential and necessary work. In this article, we analyzed and summarized the function and application of group counseling for gifted students from literature review and the teaching experiences of researchers. The finding indicated the first priority for group counseling of the gifted should be to focus on their cognitive, affective, and social characteristics. We also examined the way group counseling help the gifted students, the strategies for increasing the gifted students at senior high school level involvement in group counseling, the topic-specific counseling, and the principles and goals of group counseling. In conclusion, the article provided counseling skills for future guidance and counseling reference.
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