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Title: 國小藝術才能班面臨之問題與展望
Other Titles: Challenges and Perspectives for the Artistically Talented Class in the Elementary School
Authors: 潘慧玲
Hui- Ling Pan
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 民國98 年修正公布特殊教育法,其中「藝術才能」修改為「藝術才能資賦優異」,強調指出有關國民教育階段學校資優教育之實施方式將採分散式資源班、巡迴輔導班或特殊教育方案,即不採集中式成班模式辦理。因此,國中小集中式藝術才能班無法符合特教法對資優教育的規範,自此成為一種具「特殊需求但卻不是特殊教育之對象」的班級。在無確實定位的情形下,美術專任教師無法正確掌握應有的課程哲學理念以設計適性課程,但藝術才能班需朝多元化、彈性化與優質之方向轉型以謀發展,因此,許多「資優班時期」延續的問題以及新局勢所產生的問題亟待解決。本文首先簡述國小藝術才能美術班的發展歷程,接著以藝術才能班專任教師角度及多年實際教學經驗,敘述所觀察到的問題,最後從專任教師立場提出改進的方法與建議。
In 2009, the Ministry of Education amended the Special Education Law to provide proper identification in artistically talented classes within gifted education classes without specifying course guidelines. Although the artistically talented classes were provided with decentralized resource classes, itinerant classes, and/or special education programs, the artistically talented classes remained centralized, appearing a clear need for special education but excluding students receiving special education services under the current law. The ambiguous identity resulted in failure of the teachers to design appropriate teaching materials for the students. As divers, flexible, high quality, and differentiated pedagogy in the gifted classroom is the essential foundation, the challenges of the artistically talented classes during the transition period and new challenges arising need to be overcome urgently. This paper first introduces the development of the art class in the elementary school, followed by art teachers’ viewpoints and teaching experiences with their observations. Finally, this article concluded with the suggestions for improvement from an art teacher’s perspective.
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