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Title: 原住民學生音樂優勢潛能開發的推手─ 陳再興校長
Other Titles: The Major Backstage Planner Who Develops Unrealized Musical Potential of Indigenous Students: Principal Zai-Xing Chen
Authors: 林月仙
Yueh-Hsien Lin
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討陳再興校長如何開發原住民學生之音樂優勢才能。本研究採質性研究方法,透過訪談陳校長、其同事和學生,查閱文件檔案等方式蒐集資料,再進行歸納分析。主要研究結果有下述三項:(1)就讀師專時期,開發自身音樂潛能,建立「教育雖非萬能,卻有無限可能」之信念;(2)擔任教師和主任期間,組訓原住民音樂團隊、改編樂曲、學習排灣族口鼻笛和採集與記錄古謠;(3)擔任校長期間,找資源建造舞台、發掘與培植當地人、規劃以音樂為主軸的學校本位課程及為原住民學童發行歌謠專輯。受陳校長及其團隊影響的學生和成人均以「唱自己的歌」為榮,重建其自信並分享原住民歌謠至全台及海外各地。
This study aims to investigate how Principal Chen developed indigenous students’ unrealized musical potential. Qualitative research methods including interviews with Principal Chen, his colleagues and his students as well as the review of related documents were used. The inductive analysis revealed the following major results: (1) During his Junior Teacher College days, Principal Chen developed his musical potentials and established the belief: Education is not omnipotent, but will open the door to infinite possibilities. (2) When he was an elementary school teacher and director of student affairs, he organized and trained indigenous musical groups. He adapted indigenous songs for choir or instrumental ensemble, and learned how to play traditional Paiwan mouth-and-nose flute. Additionally, he collected and recorded ancient indigenous songs. (3) When he was an elementary school principal, he secured financial support to build a stage, discovered local talented people and nurtured them to collect, record, and perform indigenous songs. He developed the school-based curriculum focusing on music, and published indigenous students’ albums. Both indigenous students and adults, who have been influenced by Principal Chen and his teams, are proud of singing indigenous songs, thus rebuilding their self-confidence and sharing their songs with people at home and abroad.
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