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Title: 學前語音異常兒童的讀寫能力發展
Other Titles: Literacy Outcomes in Preschool Children with Speech Sound Disorder
Authors: 簡欣瑜
Hsin-Yu Chien
Huei-Mei Liu
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 語音異常在臨床及文獻中曾有不同的名稱,包括構音障礙、音韻障礙和表達性音韻障礙……等,目前在精神疾病診斷和統計手冊第五版(Diagnostic andStatistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Ⅴ;簡稱DSM-5)中則統稱為語音異常(speech sound disorder)。語音異常者在語音產出上有持續性的困難,部分的學前語音異常兒童到了學齡階段會出現讀寫的問題。過去臺灣的語音異常兒童研究中,較少關注學前語音異常兒童入小學後的讀寫能力發展。本文透過國外研究文獻的整理與回顧來了解語音異常兒童的讀寫能力發展,期望對未來語音異常的相關研究及臨床療育提供參考的基礎。
In both clinical experience and literature, speech sound disorders have also been referred to as articulation disorders, phonological disorders, and expressive phonological impairment. In Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder-V, it has been referred to as speech sound disorder (SSD). In general, children with SSD have shown persistent difficulties in speech production. Some preschool children with SSD will have literacy problems when they reach school age. So far, the literacy development of preschool children with SSD at elementary school ages has not been systematically studied in Taiwan. This article aims to review the articles regarding literacy outcomes in preschool children with SSD. It is expected to provide some thoughts for future studies and clinical work for children with speech sound disorders.
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