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Title: 檢視臺灣青少年的哈利波特現象
Other Titles: The Harry Potter Effect in Taiwan
Authors: 賴維菁
Wei -Ching Lai and Meng-Chuan Lu
Issue Date: Oct-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討哈利波特系列小說何以能在台灣掀起青少年閱讀的風潮,並進一部探討這股風潮對台灣青少年所造成的影響。本論文以文學、文化研究為主軸,涉及行銷、心理、教育等議題,試圖以跨領域研究的方式來檢視台灣的哈利波特現象,論文所依據的數據主要來自自行設計的問卷調查。研究主體分為三個部分:(一)文學商品化-探討二十世紀的文化產業,以及哈利波特作為一種文化產品在全球銷售的績效;(二)哈利波特風靡全球的因素-以「成功的宣傳機制」、「讀者的心理需求」、「跨文類的精彩文本」三個面向來討論哈利波特銷售的熱潮;(三)哈利波特系列小說對台灣青少年的影響-以比較正向的觀點來看待這種影響,討論內容包括「閱讀習慣的培養」、「想像力的提升」以及「獨立思考能力的建立」。
This article aims to explore why and how the Harry Potter series could so easily attract Taiwan's preteen and teen readers, who are not supposed to be book lovers; furthermore, it will investigate how the Harry Potter fad has affected these same preteens and teens. The essay proper deals with the three following issues. First, literature as a commodity-we will discuss cultural industries in the late twentieth century, and treat the Harry Potter series as a commercial success. Second, the causes of international Harry Potter phenomenon-we will suggest that the craze for Harry Potter may result from a combination of successful marketing, readers' psychological need for fantasy, and the author's marvelous, trans-generic story which combines elements and techniques of children's fantasy literature, young adult adventure literature, and "school stories". Third, the "effects" of Harry Potter on Taiwan's society, culture, educational system-we claim that the reading of Harry Potter by preteens and teens cultivates good reading habits, enhances their imagination and develops their independent thinking. This paper combines textual analysis with the critical approach of cultural studies, giving a certain emphasis to such socio-cultural concerns as marketing, psychology, and education. The data in this study are based on a questionnaire that we gave to a group of young students.
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