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Title: 閩南語歌仔冊中的多義詞「落loh8」
Other Titles: The Polysemous “ 落loh8” from the Southern Min Kua1-A2- Tsheh4
Authors: 林香薇
Hsiang-Wei Lin
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本文擬以閩南語歌仔冊中的多義詞「落loh8」為例,透過9本傳統字辭典的釋義方式,討論各義項間區分的原則和排列的順序,以及這種表達方式能否清楚的反映出義項間的邏輯關係。接著參酌各辭典所列的義項,來看歌仔冊大抵保留了哪些義項,以及「落」在不同語境呈現的情形。為掌握各義項間的演變脈絡,本文透過概念結構的觀念來建構多義詞「落」語義延伸的類型。最後由句法結構觀察「落」和其他語詞的互動,且一併探討「落」充當其他詞性時的使用狀況。
The following paper intends to use the various methods of translation of the polysemous “落 loh8”(taken from the Southern Min Kua1-A2- Tsheh4) as found in nine traditional dictionaries and discuss the multiple meanings of “落loh8” in each respective entry, the order in which the meanings are ranked, and whether or not a logical relationship is reflected within. Considering the various dictionary meanings, we will see which have been retained in the Kua1-A2- Tsheh4, and in what different contexts “落loh8” appears. In order to grasp the evolution of these variations, the paper will use a conceptual structure to categorize the semantic extension of the polysemous “落loh8”. Finally, a syntactic structure will be used to observe the interaction between “落loh8” and other words, and together, we will explore its usage as different parts of lexical class.
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