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Title: 金朝早期道教石刻與文獻資料解析
Other Titles: Stone Carving Materials and Literal Materials of Taoism in the Early Jurchen Dynasty
Authors: 山田俊
Yamada Takashi
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 金朝如何繼承北宋之前的道家道教,主要有如下幾種情況:第一,北宋士人仕於金朝,金朝透過北宋人士接受道家道教的傳統。第二,金朝對峙於北宋以來,好幾次搶奪北宋的大量文獻、文物,經過這些文獻等來接受北宋道家道教的傳統。第三,不管王朝體制如何動蕩,金朝各地域仍然維持著道家道教的傳統,從不少題為「重修云云」等石刻資料的存在得知,地域社會共同修復荒蕪的觀廟堂宇,而觀廟堂宇再成為該地區宗教活動的據點。本論,以全真道開山祖師王重陽結束在「活死人穴」的修道而真正開始傳道活動的金朝大定3(1163)年之前為主,分為「一、祈雨」、「二、民間信仰」、「三、傳統道教」及「四、傳世文獻」共四節對於窺見金朝早期道家道教實情的資料加以探討。
Three potential views can be presented concerning how the Jurchen Dynasty inherited Taoism before the Northern Song Dynasty. The first view proposes that the intellectuals of the Northern Song Dynasty served the Jurchen Dynasty; this view assumes that the Jurchen Dynasty took these intellectuals from the Northern Song Dynasty. Under this view, the Jurchen Dynasty is believed to have accepted the Taoist tradition through the intellectuals of the Northern Song Dynasty. The second view contends that the Jurchen Dynasty frequently plundered the Northern Song Dynasty literature and learned about and came to accept the Taoist traditions of the Northern Song Dynasty through this body of literature. The third view argues that regardless of fluctuations in the dynastic regime, Taoist activities were followed in each region of the Jurchen Dynasty. This view contends that the Taoist temples that were destroyed because of social turmoil were restored through the power of the people in the area. According to this view, Taoist temples were the base of religious activities in the area; this can be inferred from the existence of many stone carving materials that entitled with “Reconstruction of.” According to the aforementioned views, in this paper I will introduceand examine some of the materials that can help to depict the real circumstances of early Taoism in the Jurchen Dynasty before 1163, which was the year in which Master Wang Zhongyang of the Quanzhen School began to conduct full-fledged missionary activities.
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