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Title: 兩岸機器人教育的現況與發展
Other Titles: The Status and Development of Robotics Education in Taiwan and China
Authors: 陳怡靜
Vi-Ching Chen
Chi-Cheng Chang
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究昌在探討中國大陸與臺灣機器人教育的現況與發展,分析及比較中國大陸與臺灣的機器人教育,並提出可供臺灣機器人教育借鏡之處,作為我國機器人教育未來發展的方向。本研究採取文獻分析法與貝瑞岱所區域比較教育法進行研究,文獻分析法主要針對中國大陸與臺灣之機器人教育相關期刊、論文、網頁資訊及教育訊息作為主要參考資料,進行文獻分析,建立研究架構。本研究先描述與解釋中國大陸及臺j弩之機器人教育現況,再以並列方式比較分析中國大陸與臺灣之機器人教育的其同,歸納其特色與優點。最後,結合、國當前機器人教育的發展現況,對我國機器人教育未來發展提出建議。最後根據分析比較得到對臺灣教育的敢示,作為教育相關單位、教育人員日後研究之參考。
This study aimed to explore the current situation and development of robot education in China and Taiwan, to analyze and to compare it between the two countries. To provide robotics education in Taiwan advantages to learn from, which enhance the development and gain prevision for robotics education in Taiwan. By employing literature review analysis and comparative method, we compared both the similarities This study adopts literature review analysis and Bereday's area comparative education as the research method. The former is aimed at the literature of robot education in China and Taiwan, such as related papers, essays, web pages of information and education messages as a study reference materials, which support to establish research framework. Firstly, the study attempts to describe and explain robotics education in China and Taiwan, following the step juxtaposition in order to compare the similarities and differences of robotics education between China and Taiwan. Finally, according to the analysis and comparisons of literatures, some implications for the future development and trend of robot education in Taiwan are acquired. Hope that this study can be reference resources for organizations related to robot education, educators and relevant researches in the future.
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