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Title: 認識世界歷史:解嚴前後臺灣國中外國史教科書的演變趨勢與特色(1983-2001)
Other Titles: Getting to Know World History-The Tendency and Features of the Evolution of the Foreign History Textbooks in the Junior High School in Taiwan
Authors: 何思瞇
Shi-Mi Ho
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本文採用口述歷史方法探討1983 年至2001 年間國中歷史課程中的外國史教科書,在教材內容與課程發展上曾經發生了那些變革。主要的口述訪談對象為1983 年、1994 年課程的編者,全文論述重點亦以這兩個課程的特色與教科書知識內容演變為主。研究發現,做為國民認識世界歷史窗口的統編本園中外國史課程及教科書,在課程發展歷程上,呈現社會適應論的課程目標與學科中心的課程觀。在教科書內容的呈現上則為:從配合國策、重視民族精神教育的陳述,朝向多元觀點的論述;從偏重於政治史的書寫到社會文化史為主的教材內容;從歐洲中心漸趨於兼及亞、非地區的教材編寫模式;從文字想像到使用大量彩色圖照片,以補充文字內容之不足,提升教材內容的可讀性
In this study, the researcher u ed the method of oral history. Through the official articles, textbooks, some interviewed author and administrative taff who had visited from The National Institute for Compilation and Translation codification textbooks, abundant foreign history in the Taiwanese junior high school history textbooks had been both explored and implemented in 1983-2001. Along with the changing environment, numerous knowledge and course concepts have similarly changed during these years. Moreover, our main oral interviewers were the course editors from 1983 to 1994. As a result, we researched these two textbooks' course features and content evolution as our main study. The results showed that, the people learned foreign history in the Taiwanese junior high school history textbooks, with the fact that, during the course development many discoveries were made. As well as the course development, we additionally showed the social adaptation's course purpose and the subject-centered curriculum's course notions. On the other hand, the textbook epistemology aspects had many different changes, such as dogmatic knowledge, which had transferred gradually to become pluralistic. Viewpoints of the statement also emphasize that the writing of the political history had transferred to the Social Culture-based teaching materials, focusing on the European core transfer to drop the core of the European writing style. Finally, from the imagination of words in thearticle, a variety of images was used to remedy some insufficient text concepts.
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