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Title: 學校課程領導工作坊規劃與實踐
Other Titles: School Curriculum Leadership Workshop: Plan and Execution
Authors: 藍偉瑩
Wei-Ying Lan
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 2014年11月公布之十二年國民基本教育課程綱要,在課程規劃與實施上提供高級中等學校發展學校特色之彈性,學生也因此有更大的選擇權,不僅選修課程可以依據性向與興趣選擇,更被保障可進行自主學習。這些變革對於學校而言是實現理想的契機,但也面臨了學校行政與課程教學的重大挑戰。高中優質化計畫自2015年起規劃系列工作坊,除思考新課綱之特色外,更將系統思考、設計思考、概念思考、變革領導等新思維引入,帶動學校的組織變革,提供學校核心小組運作、課程架構規劃、現有課程與資源、盤點、新增項目實踐、學校領導文化等方面之可行方式,協助學校能有序地完成各項新課綱準備工作。
The 12-Year Basic Education Curricula released in November 2014 provide high schools with flexibility to develop their own school features and as a result, students are endowed with more choices, which allows students to choose their selective courses by their aptitude and interests. Besides, spontaneity in learning is also protected and implemented. Great opportunity as the revolutionary change seems to high schools, high schools are also faced with the major challenges in administration and curriculum. Since 2015, Quality Senior High School Project has conducted a series of workshops which integrated with such new ideas as system thinking, design thinking, concept thinking, leadership for changes, and features of the new curricula, hoping to trigger the revolution in school structure, provide the feasibility for core group operation, curriculum structure planning, current courses and resources inventory, additional item practice, and school leadership cultivation to help schools accomplish the preparations for the new curriculum in an orderly manner
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