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Title: 以微觀政治視角觀高中優質化輔助方案帶動學校之發展變化
Other Titles: The Observation of How School Actualization Program Facilitates School Development and Change from a Micropolitical View
Authors: 閔郁晴
Yu-Ching Min, Chien-Hua Hsiao
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本文以微觀政治學視角觀察十二年國民教育改革的高槓桿策略──高中優質化輔助方案的推動執行,對學校產生的影響與變化。研究以微觀政治學為分析策略與視角,並採取文獻資料解請與訪談進行探討。文章分析鉅觀的教育政策背景、臺灣教育改革面臨的傳統與革新對立的社會 矛盾,由教師與行政角度探討外部變革對內部場域的影響,以及教育改革進入學校組織後,利害關係人之間的衝突、協商、合作之利益糾葛。最後以自身學校實施高中優質化輔助方案的成功經驗,提出對鉅觀政治視角微調的論點。人性並非僅是利益的糾葛衡量,亦具備良善的溫度。優質化政策提供了外部的刺激,並藉由校內由下而上的動能,讓學校產生合作的能量,展現變革後的美好成果。
This essay utilize micropolitical perspective to observe the high-leverage strategy of 12-year compulsory education-how the implementation of SAP influences and changes the school. The research analyzes the strategy and perspective in micropolitics and undertakes discussion through literature review. The article analyzes the macroscopic background of education policy and social contradictions of tradition and reform that Taiwan is faced during the education revolution. It will also discuss how the reform influences the teaching domain in viewpoint of teachers and administration staff as well as the conflicts, negotiations, and disputes among those who are involved after education reform enters the school organization. In the end, through the successful experience of implementing SAP, the essay will provide the viewpoint of macropolitical adjustment. Humanity is not merely involved the entanglement of interests but is also equipped with goodness. SAP policy offers stimulation from outwards and through the action from top to down, and cooperation will arise and the good result will take place.
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