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Title: 珍視與行動─初探國民中學 表演藝術課程融入國際教育精神
Other Titles: Cherish and Act: Exploring the Integration of International Education into Performing Art Course in the Junior High School
Authors: 王姿婷
Tzu-Ting Wang
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 舞蹈是藝術領域中與人類最親近的藝術,因為自有人類以來,手舞足蹈即伴隨而生。舞蹈透過肢體動作來表現,達到訊息傳遞、溝通之目的,其表現方式是一種創意的發想與轉化,能夠激發情感、智力以及豐富心靈的藝術形式。因此,舞蹈教育有機會走在所有科目之前,作為一種教學的媒介。2011年4月教育部公布《中小學國際教育白皮書》,確立了中小學國際教育之推展有一全面且一貫的教育政策,說明國際教育推廣應落實於任何科目,讓學生在課堂中就能接觸國際議題,擴展其國際視野。 近年來水資源議題相當受到重視,因為水所產生的效益不僅富裕了人類的生活,也繁榮了整體社會經濟。然而,人類文明快速發展的同時,也因為過度開發與不當使用進而衍生出不同面向的危機。 筆者有感於環境議題影響人類生活之迫切性,著手以「水」為出發點,將此國際議題融入表演藝術課程,引導學習者探索肢體與議題結合的可能性,也是筆者尋找表演藝術在國中教學現場的角色與定位的初步嘗試。
Dance is the performance most related to human in arts because humans are inherent with dance, e.g. jump with joy, dance with laughter. Through movements, dance could reach the goal to convey message and communicate. What’s more, dance could be viewed as an origin and transformation of creativity. It is a kind of art format which could inspire emotion, intelligence, and abundance of mind. Therefore, dancing education might transcend other academic subjects, and to be regarded as a teaching medium. A White Paper On International Education for Primary and Secondary Schools, published in April, 2011, established a comprehensive and consistent educational policy for the promotion of international education in primary and secondary schools, and also illustrated that international education should be implemented in any subjects. That is, students could be in touch with international issues and broad their horizons. For the past few years, water resources issue has comparatively drawn others’ attention because the benefit of water not only enriches humans’ lives, but also prospers the entire social economy. However, with the rapid development of civilization, the excessive exploitation and improper use of water had led to many risks at different aspects. The author has been moved by the urgency of the environmental issues - How have human lives been influenced by the destruction of environment? The author starts from “the issue of water”. Then, she integrates this issue into art performing course, and guides learners to explore the combination of movements and water resources issue. In addition, it is also the trial for the author to define the role of performing art in secondary schools.
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