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Title: 國中公民初任教師法治教育課程信念之個案研究
Other Titles: A Case Study of Secondary School Civic Beginning Teachers' Curricular Belief in Law-Related Education
Authors: 居佳勳
Chia-Hsun Chu
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究昌在描繪三位國中公民初任教師的法治教育課程信念,運用半結構訪談法,探究其對法治教育課程目標、課程內容的詮釋及教學經驗。研究主要發現:一、個案教師對法治教育課程目標、課程內容的詮釋兼其「知法守法」與「權利保障」兩種觀點,其對教學策略的詮釋則在「教師中心取向」與「學生中心取向」之間拔河,因此個案教師的法治教育課程信念呈現混合狀態的觀點。二、從個案教師的教學經驗發現,教科書的法治教育內容有著去脈絡化的情況,無法回應不同文化背景的學生。據此,本文認為目前教師實施法治教育的難題,在於如何重構法治教育的不同目標與內容,進行諜程決定與發揮教學轉化的能動,以回應差異化的教學情境與學習主體。
The studies rarely, however, explore how the teachers interpret the law-related education and their own teaching experience. This paper aims at portraying three beginning teachers' curricular belief in law-related education by semi-structured interviews to understand the perception of the law-related education's curriculum goals, cUITiculum content and teaching experience. The result showed that: first, that the case teachers perceived the law-related education 's curriculum goals and content presents the perspecti ve of “ abiding by the law" and of “ human rights protection" and that the case teachers perceived the law-related education's teaching strategy also has the tension between teacher-centered approach and student-centered approach. Thus, the case teachers' curricular belief in law-related education is like a hybrid. Second, according to the case teachers' teaching experience, the paper shows the textbook about law-related education has the decontextualized problem so that it might be hard to response the students from diverse culture. Based upon the findings , this paper argues the conundrum of law-related education is how teachers reconstruct the different law-related education's curriculum goals and content, make curriculum decision and exert the teaching agency to response the differentiated teaching context and students.
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