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Title: 以協作敘事取徑促進幼教師專業發展歷程之探究
Authors: 張素貞 劉美慧
Su-Chen Chang, Mei-hui Liu
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 研究目的研究者為師資培育工作者,長期關注教師的專業發展,企圖在現有的幼教師專業發展方案之下,以協作敘事的方式,提供另一種促進幼教師專業發展的取徑。本研究旨在透過協作敘事取徑,促進幼教師的專業發展,探究其歷程以再概念化幼教師專業發展取徑。研究設計/方法/取徑本研究採敘事探究方法,邀請八位幼兒園教師,組成幼教師協作敘事成長團體,共同開展協作敘事取徑的幼教師專業發展歷程。本團體的運作兼重生命故事與教學故事的敘說,透過閱讀與敘說、教學難題的討論、團體的互動、對話與反思,共歷時一年半的協作敘事。研究者主要規劃與運作團體的議程、營造團體的氣氛、促發協作者敘說及引導協作者進行討論與對話。透過觀察、訪談與文件分析的方式蒐集運作歷程中的資料,並運用主題分析法加以分析。研究發現或結論本研究結果發現,協作敘事取徑啟動幼教師專業發展的關鍵要素,包括教師主體性的關注、團體凝聚力的建立、幼教師身分的覺知與建構、反思性思維的運作以及協作者、研究者和專業文本三方視域的對話與交融。再概念化在職幼教師專業發展取徑的內涵為以關懷和開展生命為根基,「教師↔學習者」身分的跨越與混種,透過多重回觀、反思與解構將經驗意義化,從對話中學習,多元方法的運作方式,以及知識是藉由三重敘事發展而來,亦即不斷的反思、對話、建構與行動的循環歷程。研究原創性/價值以協作敘事取徑促進教師專業發展的實務運作,在國外的實徵研究較多,但較少運用在臺灣的幼教師專業發展中。本研究發展出適合本土學校文化與脈絡的協作敘事教師專業發展策略,可以提供師資培育者在規劃幼教師專業發展課程,與在職的幼教師專業研習課程時另一種可行的途徑。
PurposeAs teacher educators, we have long concerned ourselves with teachers’ professional development. In this study, a collaborative-narrative approach was used to facilitate the professional development of preschool teachers. The aims were to explore the process of a collaborative-narrative approach, and to reconceptualize the preschoolteachers’ professional development.Design/methodology/approachThis study adopted narrative inquiry. Researchers invited eight preschool teachers to form a “collaborative-narrative group,” which focused on the narration of life and teaching stories in a course that spanned 18 months long. The group involved reading and narration, group interactions, dialogues and reflections, and discussions of difficulties encountered during teaching. Researchers’ responsibilities were to encourage and guide the collaborators’ engagement in narration, dialogues, and discussions. Data involving the process of the collaborative-narrative group were collected through observations, interviews, and document analysis, followed by a thematic analysis method to examine the collected data.FindingsThe study results showed that the key factors of the collaborative-narrative approach that facilitated the professional development of preschool teachers included the teachers’ subjective attention, establishment of team cohesion, awareness and establishment of the teachers’ identity, and reflective thinking conducted through a three-way interaction between the collaborators, researchers, course text. The approach for developing in-service preschool teachers’ professional development education was reconceptualized through the idea of caring for and expanding life. This approach helped teachers develop a border-crossing identity between teacher and learner. Moreover, multiple reflections were conducted to deconstruct experience and convert it to knowledge. Finally, a diversified method was applied to acquire knowledge through triple narrative, reflections, dialogues, constructions, and actions.Originality/valueCollaborative-narrative approach was seldom applies in preschool teachers professional development in Taiwan. This study develops the strategies of collaborative-narrative approach based on local school culture and context and proposes the recommendations for teacher education programs for preschool teachers.
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