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Title: 風行與箝禁
Other Titles: Popularity and Prohibition: The Spreading and Adaptation of "Son-Murdering" Drama in Taiwan
Authors: 蔡欣欣
Issue Date: Jan-2010
Publisher: 台灣文化及語言文學研究所
Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature, NTNU
Abstract: 發生於清通州寡婦與和尚奸情敗露殺子分屍的「殺子報」時事,因違逆世俗、淫穢殘酷,成為小說、曲藝、說唱與戲曲等民間通俗文藝,喜好改編創作的素材,曾經在台灣演劇史上有過風光的演出記錄。本文中通過時事史料、清代公案小說、民間唱本、日治時期與光復後滬、閩、台《殺子報》演劇紀錄與口述歷史,佐以文獻報刊等史料的稽鉤與比對,梳理「殺子報」案的流播、改編與演出等樣貌與現象,歸結《殺子報》戲文應用案件本身違逆世俗、聳人聽聞的「奇案」情節,結合寫實誇張、豐富多元的「奇情」劇場藝術,以「時事劇/淫戲」的雙重風姿下,形成官方與知識分子大力抨擊,民間與商業劇場票房滿座「箝禁/風行」的弔詭演出現象。
A kid being murdered for revealing the adultery between his widowed mother and a monk was a real case that happened during Qing Dynasty in Tung-shou. This case has since then become a popular subject matter for many novels, ballads and drama due to the appeals of immorality and cruelty. It used to be able to attract a large number of audiences here in Taiwan. Through reviewing historical documents, court novels in Qing Dynasty, libretto of folk songs, the written records and orak history if the play Son-Murdering since the Japanese colonial period, as well as comparing the above-mentioned with official documents and newspapers, T try to reconstruct the spreading, adaptation, and performance of this play. To summarize, my research has come to the conclusion that the adaptation of Son-Murdering has acquired immoral and sensational features, along with realistic and exciting theatrical arts. This play has been widely criticized by government officials and scholars, and yet maintained its popular support among the folks and in commercial theaters. The play is thus a combination of current-affairs drama and obscene drama. All these contribute to the peculiar and paradoxical phenmenon of popularity and prohibition.
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