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Title: 再現國族或是地方:論象徵性場所在臺北市城市品牌建立中可能扮演的角色
Other Titles: Representing the Nation or the Place: Discussing the Possible Role of Symbolic Places of Taipei City in City Branding
Authors: 劉松達
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在討論首都城市、象徵性場所、城市品牌之間的關係;並以台北市為背景,延伸探討象徵性場所在台北市城市晶牌建立中可能扮演的角色。就城市品牌建立的策略而言,一個城市的形象是多種複雜面向的集合,此時,象徵性場所再現的意義就像有效率的行銷管道,能讓這些複雜面向變成大農腦海中的一個符號,意即對居民、遊客、投資者投射城市的品牌形象。少數研究會探討首都城市建立品牌時可能引起之國家與地方間的衝突。通過對文獻的分析與解讀,本文摘出首都城市往往是一國的政治、文化、經濟中心;其內可能有許多場所的形象和功能為再現國族認同而建。這些看似首都城市特色的場所卻可能與國家的政治操作或文化霸權有所聯想,因而影響城市的形象與造成城市自身的地方認同被壓抑。因此,能否適當地與國家切割並尋找在地性,會是首都城市在利用象徵性場所建立城市品牌時所面臨的課題。台北市與其象徵性場所似乎也反映出此一現象。透過這些討論,本文提供城市品牌研究一個不同的切入角度。
This article explores the relationships among capital cities, symbolic places, and city branding, using Taiwan's Taipei City as the example. A city's image consists of manycomplicated dimensions, and symbolic places act as channels for marketing. This process simplifies these complex dimensions into symbols which enable residents, tourists and investors to brand the city. A capital city is usually the political, cultural and economic center of the country, and as such, it may contain many symbolic places whose images and functions were designed by the state to represent national identity. These places seem to be features of the capital city; however, an investigation of the literature reveals that at these places can also be associated with political manipulation and cultural hegemony of the state, both of which undermine the image of the city and suppress local identity. Therefore, when a capital city is developing its branding strategy, it must find a way to distinguish itself from the state while still maintaining its local identity. Taipei City and its symbolic places seem to reflect this proposition. Overall, this article intends to offer a fresh perspective on research on city branding.
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