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Title: 中學生偏差行為組型的異質性分析:社會心理學觀點的詮釋
Other Titles: An Investigation of the Heterogeneity of Deviant Subgroups among High School Students: An Interpretation from Sociopsychology
Authors: 吳中勤
Chung Chin, Wu
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 青少年群體中可能存在著異質性的次群體,反映出次群體成員不同的偏差行為組型。近來,國外研究採個人取向分析,確實發現了青少年群體在偏差行為表現上的異質性,但國內仍缺乏相關研究討論。國外研究亦指出,男女生會表現出不同的偏差行為組型,但對國內青少年而言,性別對偏差行為組型的影響仍未知。本研究目的主要在於:1. 檢視青少年群體在偏差行為上的異質性;2. 探究青少年次群體所表現出的偏差行為組型;3. 瞭解性別對不同次群體的影響。同時,也進一步比較偏差行為組型與性別影響在不同教育階段的異同。研究發現,在不同教育階段中,1. 青少年群體在偏差行為上確實存在著異質的次群體。2. 次群體間呈現出不盡相同的偏差行為組型;3. 整體而言,青少年女性較可能出現非對抗性的偏差行為,在偏差行為表現上也相對單純而短暫;反之,青少年男生則較可能出現包含對抗性行為之多重偏差行為組型,在偏差行為表現上較為複雜,部分偏差行為也具相對穩定性。
There are subcultures existed in adolescent’s population, it may be form heterogeneous subgroups, and reflect distinct deviant patterns of subgroup membership. Recently, foreign researches adopted person-centered approaches and found the heterogeneity of deviance in adolescent’s population. However, there are dearth of domestic researches to investigate about it. Foreign researches also indicated different patterns of deviance between males and females. But, it is remain unclear the effect of gender on the patterns of deviance for domestic adolescents. The main purposes of present study were as following: (1) to examine the heterogeneity of deviance in adolescent’s population. (2) to investigate the patterns of deviance performed by adolescents’ subgroups. (3) to realize the effect of gender on different subgroups. Meanwhile, the comparisons of both the patterns of deviance and the effect of gender are made among education levels. Results indicated that, among education levels, (1) there are heterogeneous subgroups on deviance existed in adolescent’s population. (2) there are distinct deviant patterns appeared from among subgroups. (3) in general, girls are more likely presented non-confrontation deviance, and it is also relatively simple and transient than boys. In contrast, boys are more likely performed multiple deviant patterns including confrontation deviance than girls. The deviance is more complex and part of deviances are relatively stable.
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