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Title: 情緒表達的性別差異:跨情境的分析
Other Titles: Gender Differences in Emotional Expressions: A Cross-Situational Analysis
Authors: 江文慈
Wen-Tzu Chiang
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究在探討情緒表達的性別差異是否受到情境因素的影響。研究方法採問卷調查法,研究工具乃自編的「多重情境情緒表達量表」,研究對象是台灣地區的大學生,有效問卷605份(男生305名,女生300名)。研究結果如下:(一)正向情緒(快樂、喜愛、尊敬、感謝)的表達在四個情境都是女生多於男生,呈跨情境的一致。(二)悲傷、害怕、內疚等三種內化型負向情緒的表達,對普通關係者無性別差異,害怕與內疚的表達在親近私下和親近公開的情境是女生多於男生,而悲傷表達只有在親近私下的情境是女生多於男生;至於羞恥表達,面對普通關係者是男生多於女生,對關係親近者則無性別差異。(三)外化型負向情緒(生氣、厭惡、輕視和嫉妒)和自豪、驕傲等情緒,對普通關係者在私下和公開場合都是男生多於女生,對親近關係者,則有所不同。整體而言,情緒表達的性別差異視不同情緒在不同情境有所變化。
This study utilizes a contextual perspective to exam whether gender differences in emotional expressions are stable across interpersonal contexts. A questionnaire survey was adopted in this study, and a total of 605 university students (305 males and 300 females) participated. The results were as follows: (1) Females reported expressing positive emotions such as happiness, love, gratitude, and respect more frequently than males across four situations. (2) Females reported expressing fear and guilty more frequently than males when with a familiar person in public or private, but no significant gender difference was found in situations with an unfamiliar person. Females expressed more sadness than males only in private with a familiar person. Moreover, males reported more shame expressions than females when interacting with an unfamiliar person. (3) Males reported expressing more anger, disgust, contempt, jealousy, pride, and hubris to an unfamiliar person in public or private than females, whereas females expressed more anger and disgust to familiar persons than males. As noted above, the findings indicated that gender differences in emotional expressions vary by emotions and interpersonal contexts.
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