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Title: 以結構方程式探討大學生校園投入與憂鬱情緒關係模式
Other Titles: The Effects of Campus Involvement on the Depressive Mood of College Students in Taiwan
Authors: 潘宜均
Yi-Jiun Pan
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究運用校園投入理論探討大學生的校園經驗對憂鬱情緒的影響,其目的是在了解大三學生的個人因素對學術投入、人際投入以及憂鬱情緒的直接影響,以及個人因素透過學術投入、人際投入兩個中介變項對於憂鬱情緒所造成的間接影響。以臺灣高等教育資料庫之94 學年度大三學生問卷,共計23,700 為研究樣本,經由結構方程模式分析後,整體模式所獲得的指數顯示模式可被接受;顯示校園投入理論可被用於解釋大學生憂鬱情緒。對整體效果的分析顯示,個人因素對於學術投入、人際投入與憂鬱情緒;學術投入對於人際投入、憂鬱情緒;與人際投入對憂鬱情緒皆有顯著影響;而這些影響除了可透過直接效果之外,個人因素對憂鬱情緒的影響路徑還可透過學術投入與人際投入;學術投入對憂鬱情緒的影響路徑還可透過人際投入的中介影響而形成。最後,本研究依據研究發現進行討論,並提出相關建議以供參考。
Involvement theory is applied in this study to explore the effects of Taiwanese junior college students' campus involvement on depressive mood. The research aims to explore the relationships among personal factors, academic involvement, interpersonal involvement and depressive mood in university. The samples are drawn from the survey of juniors of 2005 academic year in the Taiwan Integrated Postsecondary Education Database (TIPED), in which a total of 23,700 are included in the sample. By using Structural Equation Model (SEM), the results show that the influence of personal factors on academic involvement, interpersonal involvement, and depressive mood, and academic involvement on interpersonal involvement and depressive mood, and interpersonal involvement on depressive mood are evident. Furthermore, academic involvement and interpersonal involvement have a significant mediating effect on the relationship between personal factors and depressive mood; and interpersonal involvement has a significant mediating effect on the relationship between academic involvement and depressive mood. Implications for educational practices and future research were discussed.
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