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Title: 課文本位閱讀策略教學對國小學童閱讀表現與策略使用覺知情形之影響
Other Titles: The effects of Textbook-based Approach to Reading Instruction on elementary graders' reading comprehension and awareness of using reading strategy
Authors: 陳明蕾
Minglei Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 以教科書做為閱讀教學的主要材料,是提升教師進行閱讀策略教學的有效路徑(Pearson, 2009)。本研究採用課文本位閱讀教學模式,以原有國語課程教學時間,檢視此一教學模式對國小學童閱讀表現、閱讀理解策略覺知情形與情意之影響。本研究以嘉義市2所國小共439位學生為研究對象,採2(實驗組與對照組)×3(三、四、五年級)不等組前後測設計進行兩學期的準實驗教學。結果顯示,本教學模式確能提昇四、五年級學生閱讀測驗表現,但對三年級學生的閱讀測驗表現無顯著效果。在閱讀策略使用覺知的自評表現,發現五年級實驗組學生在摘要、上下文脈絡、理解監控、與自我提問四個構面後測的自評分數高於對照組學生,其餘後測的組別效果則皆無顯著差異。在情意部份,發現三年級實驗組學生在閱讀自信心、學習方法後測的自評分數高於對照組學生,五年級實驗組學生學習方法後測的自評分數低於對照組,其餘後測的組別效果則皆無顯著差異。
The current study designed a multiple reading strategies program for elementary students and examined its effect on the reading comprehension, the awareness of using reading strategie, and attitude. A 2 (treatment: experimental group and control group)x3(grades: 3rd: 4th: 5th) quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design was adopted. 439 participants were recruited from 16 classes. The results indicated that (a) 4th and 5th experimental graders' reading comprehension score higher than control group, but there was no difference for 3rd graders; (b) for the awareness of using reading strategies, 5th experimental graders' scores higher than control group on the summary, context, comprehension monitoring, and self-questioning, and no group effects were found for other posttest contrasts; (c) for the attitude, 3rd experimental graders' scores higher than control group on the reading confidence, learning method, and no group effects were found for other posttest contrasts.
Other Identifiers: 03F7441D-A660-FAB0-C4D7-500114C96336
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