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Title: 當前科技大學工程與技術教育使用教學方法之調查
Other Titles: The Investigation of Teaching Method for Engineering and Technological Education in University of Science and Technology on Contemporary
Authors: 張仁家
Jen-Chia Chang
Hsi-Chi Hsiao
Chi Wang
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解科技大學工程與技術教育教師在教學方法上的使用情況,研究結果可提供教師在教育教學方法之參考。本研究以33所科技大學工程與技術教育教師為問卷對象,回收有效人數計257位,利用問卷調查法,蒐集教師在工程與技術教育教學中所使用教學方式之頻率,以次數分配,描述教師在教學方法上選擇經常使用與從未使用之使用情形,並以卡方適合度分析(test of goodness of fit)考驗教師在選擇教學方法上是否有顯著的差異。研究結果發現,科技大學工程與技術教育教師最常使用的教學方法為「講述式教學法」且明顯高於其他方法,在「角色扮演法」、「發現教學法」、「教師團隊教學法」及「工作坊教學法」之使用頻率明顯偏低。在培養實務技能中,重要的「專題製作」及「問題導向學習」(PBL)並沒有常被使用。
This study aims to understand the engineering and technology teachers at the University of Science and Technology on the use of teaching methods, research results can provide a reference for teachers in education teaching methods. To achieve the purpose, this research to 33 University of Science and Technology, counted 257 engineering and technology teachers for object, using questionnaire survey method, collected teaching methods in the frequency by engineering and technology teachers, and by times distribution, described teachers on the choice of teaching methods regular used and never used, and by chi-square analysis (test of goodness of fit), tested whether there is a significant difference among teachers in different choice of teaching methods. Study found that teaching method which is most commonly used by engineering and technology teachers at University of Science and Technology is "Lecture Method", it is obviously higher than other methods. As for "Role-playing Method", "Discovery Method", "Team Teaching Method" and " Workshop Method”, the use of frequency is significantly lower. The methods of "Practical Project" and "Problem-based Learning" (PBL) which should be importantly used in practical skills teaching and training are not commonly used.
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