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Title: 用網路資源進行5E探究教學之行動研究
Other Titles: Using Web Resource to Implementing 5E Inquiry Teaching Through an Action Research: A Case of Biology Teaching at 7th Grade
Authors: 楊子瑩
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 本文以網路資源在七年級生物單元進行科學探究教學,主要目的在探討與了解利用網路資源實施探究教學之實施過程以及學生的學習成效。作者採用行動研究,對任教的個案班級30位學生進行探究教學。研究者採取5E探究教學模式進行。教學單元為「植物如何獲得養分」、「植物體內物質的運輸」、「人體的血液循環系統」三單元之教學,配合運用科學教育網 ( 中「植物的營養與運輸」、「循環系統」進行網路資源融入探究教學。資料收集包含研究者之教學反思日誌、課室觀察之錄影(音)資料、晤談學生的記錄以及學習成就測驗、電腦輔助教學環境態度調查表等。研究結果顯示利用網路資源進行探究教學時主要面臨的困難包括資訊設備使用的限制、學生缺乏電腦和探究學習技能及利用資訊學習的經驗。學生經由教學後,學習成就前、後測結果達顯著差異。在電腦輔助教學學習環境態度方面,在「學習動機」達顯著差異,而在電腦焦慮、電腦喜好、學習習慣未達顯著差異。
The aims of this study was to examine on how to implement inquiry teaching by integrating the network resources for middle school biology teaching, and assessing its effectiveness on students' learning. An action research was adopted in the study. The researcher, acts as the teacher, invited her class with thirtystudents to participate in this study. A 5E (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation) inquiry teaching model is used in the leassons. The teaching units includes "How does the plant obtain the nutrient," "Material transportation in the plant," and "Human body's blood circulation system."The teaching modules, named "plant transportation and nutrient" and "circulation system," in the Science Education Web supported by Ministry of Education of Taiwan ( were selected as web resources for the learning units. Collection of data include teacher's reflection journals on teaching, videos of the class, student's work sheets, the interview transcripts, students achievement tests scores, student's response on "the questionnaire of computer-assisted learning & environment scale." The findings showed that the problems of using web resource to implement inquiry teaching include limitation of computer lab uses, insufficient computer skills and inquiry skills of students, and in-experience of using web resource by students. However, we found that students' achievement had been significantly improved after the teaching; and student's motivation toward computer-assisted learning had been significantly improved while no significant improvement in other scales of the questionnaire.
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