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Title: 幼兒依附關係與親子情緒言談之關係初探
Other Titles: The Relationships between Child's Attachment and Mother-Child Conversations About Emotions
Authors: 唐意芳
Yi-Fang Tang
Wen-Feng Lai)
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 本論文旨在探討幼兒依附關係與親子情緒言談之相關性。研究對象爲30對母親與其3歲幼兒(男生13位,女生17位)。幼兒之依附關係是以「一歲至三歲幼兒依附行爲量表」(黃惠玲、吳英璋,1992)測得每位幼兒三類型依附分數(安全依附分數、逃避依附分數、曖昧依附分數)。親子情緒言談内容則是母子討論關於幼兒過去的負面情緒經驗;親子情緒言談由母親和幼兒聊天並錄音,錄音資料以兒童語言交換系統軟體(Child Language Data Exchange System,簡稱CHILDES)進行整理、編碼和分析(Macwhinney, 2000)。本論文參照文獻發展了分析情緒言談的7個代碼:「情緒歸屬」、「情緒解釋」、「情緒肯定」、「情緒澄清」、「情緒化解」、「情緒誘導」、「情緒引發的行爲結果」。本論文之主要發現如下:(1)逃避依附分數愈高的幼兒使用愈多的「單調型情緒詞彙」;(2)安全依附分數愈高的幼兒愈能夠作「情緒解釋」;(3)安全依附分數愈高的幼兒,其母親使用愈多的「情緒化解」。本論文最後亦提出相關的研究討論和建議。
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between child's attachment and mother-child conversations about negative emotions. Participants were 30 pairs of mothers and their children (13 boys and17 girls). The attachment scores of children were assessed by using the "Attachment Scale of One-to-three-year olds", including secure score, avoidant score, and ambivalent score. The dyads discussed children's previous negative emotional experiences at home. These conversations were audio taped by the mothers. All the tapes were transcribe verbatim according to the rules of Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES)(MacWhinney, 2000). According to literature, this study developed 7 codes to analyze the conversations: attribution, cause, validation, clarifying, resolution, elicitation, behavioral results. The results were as follow. (1) for the children, the higher the avoidant scores the more use of emotional words. (2) for the children, the higher the secure scores the more use of "cause". (3) for the mothers, there was a positive correlation between secure score and mothers' use of "resolution." Discussions and implications were also included in the paper.
Other Identifiers: 8286E89F-C19A-2EB4-5928-4EF28A1FE843
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