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Title: 內隱和外顯母愛對青少年兒女在成長歷程中的母愛感受之配對分析
Other Titles: “Explicit and implicit Maternal Love” and “Perceptions of Maternal Love” of Mothers’Adolescent Children in the Course of Their Growth-- A Dyadic Analysis
Authors: 黃淑滿
Shu-Man Huang, Li-Tuan Chou
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 本研究想了解母親對兒女的內隱母愛程度與外顯母愛付出,與其兒女母愛感受程度之間的互動歷程。本研究配對訪談八位母親與其青少年兒女,並應用生命圖表記錄母親對兒女的內隱母愛程度、外顯母愛付出,以及兒女對母親的母愛感受程度。以主題式分析法,共歸納出兩種內隱母愛類型:「豐富穩定型」和「一路攀升型」。以及兩種母兒互動類型:「忙碌的母親和懵懂的兒女」,以及「苦命的母親和體貼的兒女」。整體而言,母親「外顯母愛」對「兒女母愛感受」的影響大於母親「內隱母愛」。母親婚姻際遇的不同會影響外顯母愛的付出,進而影響兒女的母愛感受:忙碌的母親會刻意減少外顯母愛的付出,兒女的母愛感受則因母親的偏心或打罵強迫而較少;苦命的母親會因為對兒女的虧欠感而自覺母愛不足,反而更盡力補償孩子,母親的特殊境遇似乎也使兒女較為早熟,反省能力較佳,母愛感受較豐。故本研究鼓勵母親積極正向的母愛行動,以及對學齡期和青少年期反思性的家庭教育課程。
This study aims to understand how mother’s “explicit and implicit maternal love” affect children’s “perceptions of maternal love”. We interviewed 8 mothers and their paired adolescent children. A life chart was used to record the levels of implicit maternal devotion, explicit maternal devotion, and maternal love perception. The thematic analysis of qualitative method involving an inductive orientation was employed. This study categorized two types of implicit maternal love: “rich and high” and “continual increase” ,and two type of affectional interactions between explicit maternal love and children’s perceptions of maternal love: one is “busy mothers and ignorant children”, the other is ” difficult mothers and thoughtful children”. Overall, We found that explicit maternal love exerts a greater effect on children’s perceptions of maternal love than does implicit maternal love. Mothers of difference marital situation will affect the explicit maternal love, and thus affect the children’s perceptions: busy mothers will deliberately reduce the explicit maternal love, children’s perceptions of maternal love will be less because of feeling mother's favoritism, beating and forcing, however, difficult mothers will try to compensate the children for a sense of owing children, the mother's special situation seems to make children more precocious, better ability to reflect, better, perceptions of maternal love. Therefore, positive explicit maternal love actions, and reflective family educationcourses are encouraged by this study in school age and adolescence.
Other Identifiers: 7133E574-D7C2-27C2-34E9-6F7BAB0F94D2
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