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Title: 部落原住民族幼兒敘說能力與聲韻覺識的關係初探
Other Titles: A Preliminary Study of the Relationship between Tribal Aboriginal Children's Narrative Ability and Phonological Awareness
Authors: 劉祐如
Yu-Ju Liu, Wen-Feng Lai
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 本研究目的是了解部落原住民族幼兒的敘說能力與聲韻覺識表現,並探討敘說能力與聲韻覺識之間的相關性。研究對象為20 名就讀臺灣北部原住民族地區的公立幼兒園,5 至6 歲原住民族幼兒。本研究皆以個別施測進行,透過訪談蒐集其個人生活經驗敘說語料,並使用聲韻覺識工具測量其音節、聲調、尾音及首音覺識能力。研究結果顯示,在敘說能力方面,原住民族幼兒敘說之總子句數偏少,敘說之總詞彙數內部差異偏大,且敘說結構大多為二或三個事件敘說與青蛙跳敘說,故事普遍沒有明顯的高潮與結尾。在聲韻覺識方面,原住民族幼兒的音節與尾音覺識表現普遍優於聲調與首音覺識,且尾音與首音覺識有顯著相關。原住民族幼兒敘說之總子句數、敘說結構與音節覺識皆有顯著相關。最後,本研究亦根據結果提出相關討論與建議。
This study examined the relationships between narrative ability and phonological awareness in 20 tribal aboriginal children. Participants, aged 5 to 6 years, were from aboriginal regions in northern Taiwan. Personal narratives were collected by one-to-one interviews. Data of phonological awareness included syllable, tone, rime and onset awareness. Statistical correlations were conducted among variables. The findings indicated that the total number of clauses were minimal, the number of words differed greatly, the narrative structure were mostly two- or three-event narratives and leapfrog narratives without either a high point or an ending. The performances of syllable and rime awareness were better than tone and onset awareness. Additionally, rime awareness was significantly correlated with onset awareness. The total number of clauses and narrative structure were significantly correlated with syllable awareness. According to the findings, discussions and implications were also included.
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