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Title: 朱銘美術館數位典藏系統規劃與建置之行動研究
Other Titles: An Action Research of Planning and Constructing Juming Museum Digital Archives
Authors: 柯皓仁
Hao-Ren Ke,An-Ping Lin
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 朱銘美術館長久累積了朱銘先生的許多創作、研究資料及相關藝術文獻等資料,因應數位典藏的趨勢,朱銘美術館乃思考建置數位典藏系統,將物件以數位化的形式典藏,並訂立符合其需求之詮釋資料格式,協助大量典藏資料的管理,使用於朱銘美術館的工作流程之中。本研究中以朱銘美術館為個案,使用行動研究法探討美術館數位典藏系統的規劃與建置,並且參考開放式典藏資訊系統之架構,利用內容管理系統Drupal 進行開發。研究結果如下:(1)朱銘美術館數位典藏系統的藏品資料類型共有七項,分別為作品、園區景觀、活動、書目資料、文獻文物、數位物件、人名權威;(2)朱銘美術館數位典藏系統的藏品詮釋資料分為共同欄位描述資料與資料特色典藏資料兩部分,人名權威詮釋資料分為基本資訊及聯絡資訊兩部分;(3)朱銘美術館數位典藏系統的物件參照關係分為關聯與群組,關聯可以參照不同資料集的物件,群組則是相同資料集物件的參照;(4)朱銘美術館數位典藏系統建置參考OAIS 模式,攝入功能對應欄位模組以及內容匯入模組,典藏儲存庫對應本系統資料庫,資料管理對應文章管理模組,取用對應版面呈現模組,行政管理對應使用者權限模組;(5)朱銘美術館數位典藏系統在發展時遭遇之問題主要為物件關聯設置及雙方溝通。後續發展建議可朝提升文化創意產值,以及推廣教育與學術研究方向進行。
Juming Museum has accumulated great quantities of Juming’s creations, research reports and art literature. Due to the trend of digital archives, Juming Museum plans to build a digital archives system and to collect objects in digital form. Juming Museum expects to use the system in the internal workflow to assist collections management. This study has regarded Juming Museum as a case study. Action research is employed to explore the planning and constructing of Juming Museum Digital Archives. The system is constructed by Drupal, a content management system, and refers to Open Archival Information System. The results are as follows: (1) In Juming Museum Digital Archives, there are seven data sets, including work, landscape, activity, bibliography, documentation, digital object and person authority. (2) The metadata of the collection includes common metadata and metadata specific to each data set, and the metadata of person authority includes basic information and contact information. (3) There are two references, relation and group. Relation refers to different data set, and group refers to same data set. (4) Juming Museum Digital Archives refers to OAIS. Ingesting uses the field modules and the feeds modules; archive storage uses the database of Drupal; data management uses the content management modules; access uses the display modules; administration uses the permission modules. (5) The problems of constructing Juming Museum Digital Archives are the creation of relations among the objects and communication between stakeholders. The suggestions are increasing the cultural and creative value by using Juming Museum Digital Archives, and promoting education and academic research.
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