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Title: 中國文物分類主題詞表構建方法學芻議
Other Titles: Methodology for the Faceted Thesaurus of Chinese Cultural Heritage: An Initial Discussion
Authors: 黃明玉
Ming Yu Huang
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 中國文化遺產與博物館領域朝向數位化發展已是大勢所趨,然在資料標準建設方面仍有待建立相關規範。本文敘述及討論中國文物分類主題詞表的發展背景及過程,以中國現行文物分類體系以及美國蓋堤研究中心(GRI)研發的藝術與建築敘詞表為基礎,嘗試發展以中國文物概念為主體的文物分類主題詞表,現階段為確立方法學與初步框架的先期工作。詞表框架草案設立了材質、活動、物理特質、風格與時代、物件五個分面,所收錄的概念詞彙擬作為控制詞彙支援文物元數據相關元素的標準化取值。目前已完成現行分類法的詞彙概念分析,並選取AAT 相關概念詞彙共同作為詞表發展基礎,同時確立了備選詞彙來源,提出後續工作組的建置規畫。未來應視使用者需求繼續完善分類主題詞表分面,並發展其他重要元素的特殊領域控制詞彙,並在詞表維護、應用與國際化方面建立工作機制。
The paper is intended as a discussion of methodology for the Faceted Thesaurus of Chinese Cultural Heritage (FTCCH). Our concern is the issue on controlled vocabulary in the context of digitization work of Chinese museums and cultural heritage institutions. On the basis of the traditional classification methods and the Art & Architecture Thesaurus of the Getty Research Institute, the FTCCH will focus on the Chinese cultural objects concepts and terms. There are five facets in the FTCCH draft, including the materials, styles & periods, physical attributes, activities, and objects facets. The terms involved in those facets will serve as controlled vocabularies for the related elements of cultural objects descriptive metadata. After mapping analysis between Chinese cultural objects classification system and AAT, now the FTCCH has about 3,000 concepts from traditions and AAT. We also planned for concepts collecting and teamwork for the next stage. For the best practices, the FTCCH may have to add other facets and hierarchies and should be used with other thesauri or authorities in special fields. In the meantime, the FTCCH also needs to consider the ways of maintenance, application and international collaboration for its own beneficial development.
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