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Title: 鏈結資料於數位典藏之研究:以畫家陳澄波為例
Other Titles: A Study of Linked Data for Digital Collections: A Case of the Painter Chen Cheng-Po
Authors: 陳淑君
Shu-Jiun Chen
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 鏈結資料促使文化資產機構的藏品與研究材料,可與全球的資料網路進行具有語意關係的連結與整合。本文以數位典藏資源為對象,選擇「從北緯23.5°出發:陳澄波」主題網站的資料作為研究案例,進行鏈結資料的研究實作。本研究聚焦於人物類型的數位典藏資料,藉以展示人物及其相關典藏文物為核心的人、時、事、地、物之間的脈絡關係,並能夠基於語意關係回答複雜問題,提供視覺化呈現,讓大量的數位人文資料可以更便於由機器理解與處理,進而使研究資料能夠為使用者取用、再利用與重新組合,以提升數位化資料使用的效能。
Linked Data enables digitized materials of cultural heritage institutions connect and integrate into Web of Data. The study focuses on people‐based digitized materials. The datasets are selected from the“Starting out from 23.5°N: Chen Cheng‐po” website as a case, to carry out Linked Open Data research and practices, demonstrating the context among people, organization, time, events, places, and artworks, and answering a complex questions based on semantic relations among resources. The results of the study enable machines to understand and process data, in order to facilitate access and re‐use these research materials, so users can remix to create a new work, and thus enhance the use efficiency of digitized materials.
Other Identifiers: 79AA69D6-2316-1BDE-10B4-481E12DBCE05
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