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Title: 屏東縣不同背景原住民宗教信仰與憂鬱之關係
Other Titles: The Relationship between Level of Religious Belief and Depression in Aborigines of Pingtung County
Authors: 蔡美惠
Mei-Hui Tsai
Pai-Lin Lee
Chih-Kun Huang
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 身心靈健康常在日常生活中被當做一個詞語使用,即身體、心理與心靈健康常被認為是一體的。然相較於身體與心理健康之關係,心理與心靈的關係則甚少被研究者關注。據此,為彌補此文獻上的缺乏性,本研究探討:一、不同背景變項之中老年原住民其憂鬱症狀之差異;二、中老年原住民宗教信仰虔誠度與憂鬱症之關係。本研究對象為屏東縣中老年原住民,年齡45歲以上,共161位。本研究採立意取樣之問卷調查法進行,宗教信仰虔誠度為自編量表;憂鬱狀況採簡式老人憂鬱量表。本研究結果資料採單因子變異數及羅吉斯迴歸分析,結果發現:一、不同年齡層的中老年原住民在憂鬱變項有顯著差異;二、宗教信仰虔誠度與憂鬱狀況有顯著關係,亦即宗教信仰虔誠度每增加一個單位,罹患憂鬱症之危險機率就降低23.70%。研究結果顯示心靈層面的宗教信仰與心理健康有相當的關聯性,此結果可作為中老年原住民憂鬱防治之參考。
Physical, psychological, and spiritual health usually are combined as a term in our culture. However, the relationship between psychological and spiritual are rarely discussed, compared to physical-psychological health. Accordingly, the study filled the knowledge gap aimed to explore: 1. The differences of depressive symptoms among various socio-demographic participants; and 2. The relationship between religious beliefs and depression in Aboriginal residents. The participants (aged 45 and above, N =161) were obtained from Aborigines in Pingtung County by purposive sampling design. We used religious level (self-developed) and geriatric depression questionnaire as measurement tools in the study. The data were analyzed by ANOVA and logistic regression, and the findings revealed: 1. The depressive symptoms were different among various ages; and 2. Increasing one unit level of religious beliefs reduced depression by 23.70 percents. The study findings showed the link between level of religious beliefs and depression is strong, which may be adopted as one way of solution for depression prevention.
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