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Title: 客家成年人的運動行為與憂鬱情形:苗栗縣客家民族的橫斷式社區研究
Other Titles: Exercise Behavior and Depression among HakkaAdults: A Community-Based Cross-SectionalStudy in Hakka, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Authors: 陳明坤
Ming-Kun Chen, Chao-Kuang Lin
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 憂鬱是一項主要的健康議題,過去的研究發現運動是降低罹患憂鬱風險且有價值的健康促進策略。本研究旨在調查居住於苗栗縣客家社區客家成年人的運動行為對於其憂鬱情形的預測力。本研究採橫斷式研究,以結構式問卷(包含社會人口學變項、運動行為問卷及臺灣人量表)蒐集資料。立意取樣533名居住於苗栗縣客家社區中的客家成年人為研究對象,由10名受過訓的訪員對研究對象進行個別訪談以蒐集資料,問卷回收率為100%。回收的資料以卜瓦松迴歸進行分析。本研究於控制性別、年齡、宗教信仰、婚姻狀況與社經地位後,發現運動行為的得分愈高,憂鬱的得分就愈低 (β = -.041, Waldχ2 = 14.372, p < .001)。研究結果發現居住於苗栗縣客家社區中的客家成年研究對象的運動行為可以預測其憂鬱情形,因此,未來規劃客家成年人的健康促進與臨床衛生教育時,運動行為可作為憂鬱的預防或緩衝策略。
Depression is a major health problem. Studies have suggested thatexercise may serve as a valuable health promotion strategy in reducing the riskof developing depression. This study aims to investigate the predictability ofdepression in relation to exercise habits among Hakka adults living in Hakkacommunities in Miaoli County. A cross-sectional design was adopted and structuredquestionnaires (incorporating demographic variables, an exercise behaviorquestionnaire and the Taiwanese Depression Questionnaire) were used for datacollection. Purposeful sampling was employed and 533 Hakka adults living inHakka communities in Miaoli County volunteered to participate in this study.Ten trained Hakka interviewers interviewed the subjects individually to collect data. The response rate was 100%. The data was analyzed by hierarchical Poissonmultiple regression. After controlling for gender, age, religious beliefs, maritalstatus and socioeconomic status, an increase in exercise behavior lowers depression(β = -.041, Wald χ2 = 14.372, p < .001). It is found that exercise behavior predictedseverity of depression in Hakka adults living in Hakka communities in centralTaiwan. Thus, exercise behavior can serve as depression preventing or bufferingstrategy in planning health promotion and health education for Hakka adults in thefuture.
Other Identifiers: 809659FC-21D0-B327-8214-40CD10E333EE
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