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Title: 國中學生之電子健康素養及其相關因素研究
Other Titles: eHealth Literacy and Related Factors among Junior High School Students in Taipei City
Authors: 鄭勝元
Sheng-Yuan Cheng
Fang-Ching Chang
Jing-Mei Li
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討國中學生個人背景、媒體使用行為、健康資訊搜尋行為、健康資訊素養與電子健康素養之關條。受測樣本自臺北市園中抽樣選出15所學校,回收有效問卷共758份。研究發現,受測學生過去一週最常使用的媒體為電視、手機(含上網)、電腦(上網),平均每週各約使用九小時。最常使用的網路功能為社群網站(如Facebook)(一週平均四天)。受測學生表示,平均每個月約有數次從家人或親戚、網路、學校教師、雜誌或報紙、書籍或手冊、朋友或同學、電視或收音機獲得健康資訊。受測學生之電子健康素養傾向中上程度。複迴歸分析結果顯示,受測學生較常使用網路聊天室、健康資訊搜尋行為頻率較多、健康資訊素養得分較高,受測學生的電子健康素養較好。根據本研究結果,建議學校應多舉辦有關電子健康素養教學活動,以增進學生電子健康素養。
The main purpose of this study was to examine the relationship among students' demographic backgrounds, their media use behavior, their health information-seeking behavior, their health information literacy, and their eHealth literacy. Students were randomly selected from 15 junior high schools. There were 758 valid questionnaires. The major findings were as follows: participating students dedicated an average of 9 hours per week to each of the following activities: watching TV, using cell phones (including the Internet), and computers. Students obtained health information from either family members, the Internet, school teachers, magazines/newspapers, books/pamphlets, peers, or TV/radio several times each month. Students had eHealth literacy that was higher than mid-level. Multiple regression analysis showed that students who used chat rooms more often , seek health information more frequently, and had a higher information literacy score were more likely to have higher degree of eHealth literacy. The results of the present study suggest a need for the implementation of educational intervention to enhance students' health information literacy and eHealth literacy.
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