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Title: 基隆市民眾對家屬器官捐贈意願及其相關因素研究
Other Titles: A Study of People on the Wishes of the Family's Organ Donation and Related Factors in Keelung City
Authors: 葉翔婷
Shang-Ting Yeh
Cheng-Yu Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究為橫斷式研究,目的在探討基隆市民眾對家屬器官捐贈意願的現況及其相關因素。本研究以2013年在基隆市居住、20歲以上的民眾為研究對象,採多階段抽樣法,以自編結構式問卷蒐集資料,共計440人。研究結果發現,研究對象的器官捐贈知識屬於中等程度,器官捐贈態度趨於正向,若已知家屬生前願意器官捐贈,多會遵從其意願,捐贈該家屬的器官,然不同年齡層對家屬器官捐贈意願有顯著性差異。在各預測變項相互控制後,教育程度為高中(職)、註記為器官捐贈者、對器官捐贈態度愈正向、家屬問未保有民間喪葬習俗者,其對家屬器官捐贈意願愈高;而職業為公教人員及其他職業(包括勞工、家管、學生及無工作者),其對家屬器官捐贈意願愈低。本研究依據結果提供建議,期能做為日後提升器官捐贈率方案的參考。
The main purpose of this study was to explore people on the wishes of the family's organ donation and related factors in Keelung city, by using a crosssectional survey. Using the adopt multi-stage samplingmethod, we studied people aged over 20 who living in Keelung in 2013 and collect data by self-editing structured questionnaire. There were 440 samples in this study. The results showed that the research subjects are at medium level of knowledge of organ donation, and organ donation attitude tends to positive. If they known family willing to organ donation during lifetime, and more will follow the wishes to donate organ. And different ages has a significant difference to the wishes to donate families organ. By mutual controlling all predictor variables, this study shows that high school (vocational colleges) degree, registered as organ donors, organ donation attitude more positively, family members don't retain folk funeral customs, have higher willing to donate family's organ and career as public servants, teachers, others (workers, housewife, students, unemployed) have lower willing to donate family's organ. Based on the findings, provide advice to improve organ donation rates in the future as a reference solution.
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