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Title: 《注好選》所徵引中國典籍及佚書研究(II-I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 平安中期以後的社會為推廣教育及童蒙的學習,盛行編撰漢詩文的佳句選集、基礎學問的入門書,《注好選》一書也是其中之一。此書雖只是中國及佛教故事的選集,但引文中有不少疑似散佚的中國典籍或章句,如書中所引《仲尼遊方問錄》、《文場秀句》、《抱朴子》、《白虎通義》、《十節記》等,有不少故事或摘句是現存典籍中未見的內容。  《注好選》所引用的這些中國或佛教故事,必然是抄寫自某些典籍文獻,但作者抄錄引用的方式,提高不少調查的困難度,因此截至今日,《注好選》的研究多以和孝子傳、佛教故事間的關聯為主,少見佚書的調查。  此書的編寫動機在於選取重要的知識或佳話提供童蒙學習,也就是說,它的選文受到當時知識階層的認可,具有普遍價值及代表性。因此,調查它所引用的文獻資料,除了可更完整呈現當時學問的基層實態,並可能循線比對出散失的典籍、摘句。本研究計畫擬針對《注好選》書中所引中國典籍及疑似散失的章句進行全面調查。
In order to spread education and early childhood learning, there was prevalent to edit an anthology of Chinese poetry and primer of elementary knowledge in Japanese society after the middle of the Heian period, such as ’Chyukousen’. Though it’s just a selection from stories of China and Buddhism, there seems contain many Chinese ancient text that is suspected to be lost in it. A lot of stories or citations are never seen in the extant ancient books and records: for instance, ’Zhong Ni You Fang Wen Lu’,’ Wen Chang Xiu Ju’,’Baopuzi’,’Bai Hu Tong’,’Shi Jie Ji’…etc.We can believe these stories are the reference of ’Chyukousen’ transcribed from some ancient documents. The way the author transcribed, however, makes researchers investigate it’s trace harder. That’s why the studies of ’Chyukousen’ all focus on the relation between stories of Buddhism and filial piety till now, except lost text. If we look into the records it cited, not only the education of the time can be presented more complete and close to reality, but the lost text and ancient books may be found out according to the rules through the thorough survey.
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