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Title: 共同基金之顧客效果-從401(k)計畫之基金、退休股份、及目標期限基金等來看
Different Investor Clienteles in Mutual Fund Industry-Evidence from 401(k) Funds, Retirement Shares, and Target Maturity Funds
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 第一年計劃探討當一基金發行退休股份或開放?401(k)退休計劃投資時,所產生之效益及成本,包含(1)比較退休基金與非特定可供退休規劃選擇之基金,其淨現金流量與報酬之關係就水準及曲度上,兩類型基金之差異,(2)就同一基金而言,非退休股份對退休股份所造成之外部性,(3)基金加入401(k)退休計劃前後,其基金淨現金流量成長率、淨現金流量波動性、與基金報酬率之變化。
The first topic is related to the decision-making for a fund to adopt retirement fund structure. I examine the following issues: (1) the comparison of the level and curvature of flow-to-performance relation of retirement funds with those of non-retirement funds, (2) the ’share-class externality’ on retirement fund imposed by non-retirement classes of the same fund, and (3) the difference in net inflow growth, cash flow volatility, and performance of newly-added funds in 401(k) plans before and after open to 401(k) plans.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_I0109_04_002
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