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Title: 論全球公民教育與其教學實踐-以大學生的學習為例
Other Titles: Global Citizenship Education and Its Pedagogical Practices: An Example of Undergraduates Learning
Authors: 陳淑敏
Amy Shumin Chen
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 全球化引發激烈的社會變遷、風險與危機等影響,並進而使個體生活經驗連結至全球層次之事件上。考量此趨勢,本研究考察全球公民屬性的變遷與探討全球公民之學習構面,且聚焦於全球公民教育之教學實踐的相關面向,並以大學生的學習為例加以探討。主要探討重點為:一、全球化脈絡下以全球公民做為個體行動之參照架構的因由;二、建構全球公民之學習構面與相關理念;三、闡述全球公民教育之教學實踐的論述依據與內涵;四、就探討結果提出結論與後續深入研究方向。
Globalization has contributed a strong influence on social movements, risks and crisis and further embeds individual life experiences in global events. Regarding current trends, this paper investigates the features transformation of global citizenship and analyzes the learning dimensions of global citizenship. This study focuses on pedagogical practices which refer to the related aspects in global citizenship education and gives an example of undergraduates learning. The article examines the following: (1) Illustrating the backgrounds of global citizenship as a framework of individual actions in the context of globalization. (2) Constructing the learning dimensions and related concepts of global citizenship. (3) Discussing the theoretical foundations and contents of pedagogical practices toward global citizenship education. (4) The paper also gives conclusions and suggestions for future research.
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