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Title: 從族群科學的觀點論原住民科學教育的取徑
Other Titles: Form indigenous science viewpoints to explore the approach in the science education toward aboriginal students
Authors: 吳百興
Pai-Hsing Wu and Hsin-Kai Wu
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
Science Education Center,National Normal University
Abstract: 在成長與就學的過程中,社會文他是學生間相互溝通的重要橋樑,並透過社會文化的基礎,使學生得以建構關於科學的相關知識。然而,在原住民學生所接受之科學教育的教學中,教師與課程鮮少針對學生的族群文化觀點進行教學,也不重視族群文他對知識建構的貢獻,因而致使原住民學生產生學習成效不佳的情形,同時也因文化上的弱勢造成認同低落的情形。有鑑於此,本文主要是回顧原住民科學教育相關的文獻,並從科學知識的本質以及科學知識建構的歷程等兩個部分,對文化導向的族群科學與當前學校教授的標準導向西方科學,在原住民科學教育的教學中所扮演的角色加以評析。透過本文的評析發現,族群科學跟西方科學無論是在知識的本質抑或是知識建構的歷程上,雖然具有明顯的差異,但仍存在有可相互溝通的共同基礎。透過這些共同基礎原住民科學教育者,可以分別從教學環境的營造、教學內容的編排以及教學材料的選用等方面,來思考原住民族群的科學教育,以接納多元文化的思維模式進行課程設計,取代當前單一文化的課程主導。
Societal cultural has played an important role in the process ofscience education that allows students to connect their daily-life experiences with the scientific concepts and construct their knowledge about science. In Taiwan, however, the science teaching and learning seldom help facilitate students to construct their scientific knowledge through their own culture and emphasized the contribution of how indigenous cultural facilitated students to construct their scientific knowledge. Therefore, the achievement ofaboriginal students received low performance and presented more low identifY with their own culture. The purpose ofthis paper is to review the relevant literature on indigenous science and their roles in science education. To reach this aim, this paper explores the difference between western modern science and indigenous science from the viewpoints about the nature of scientific knowledge and the ways of constructing scientific knowledge. According to the literature review, this paper suggests that the common grounds exist between western modern science and indigenous science. Utilized these common grounds, the indigenous science may help the aboriginal students to construct their scientific knowledge.
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