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Title: 我國教育實習學生知覺教師專業知能習得、運用與重要之研究
Other Titles: Student Teacher Perception of Teacher Education and Professional Knowledge Acquisition, Use, and Importance in Taiwan
Authors: 黃嘉莉
Jia-Li Huang
Chia-Ying Wu
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究以教育實習學生為研究對象,透過知覺教師專業知能的習得、運用、重要之情形,用以瞭解師資培育成果。本研究立意調查我國北、中、南、東部等四個區域共計11 所師資培育之大學,進行平均數、標準差、獨立樣本檢定、單因子變異數、探索性因素等分析,確認假設路徑模式關係後,顯示下列結論:一、受試者知覺習得知能依序為「反省思考」、「班級經營」與「學科教學知識」,傾向「教什麼」與「如何教」的技術取向。二、受試者知覺運用知能依序為「專業成長」、「教學設計」、「溝通輔導」,與我國教育實習課程內涵相吻合,顯見實務經驗之重要性。三、受試者知覺重要知能依序為「敬業精神」、「課程設計」與「自信態度」,顯示我國師資培育成果相對較為不足之處。四、教師專業知能的「習得」與「運用」、「習得」與「重要」、「運用」與「重要」間相關係數皆為中度正相關;其中以習得「反省思考」和運用「教學設計」向度相關最高;習得「學科教學知識」與「敬業精神」的重要性之間未達顯著相關,顯然存有其他因素影響。五、在教師專業知能的習得、運用與重要在背景變項上沒有顯著差異,受試者知覺趨於一致,顯示我國在師資培育歷程設計上,教師專業知能知覺沒有差異,擔任教職者具有相當程度的共同知能。本研究提供五項建議以供參考。
Student teachers who were interns at local schools were recruited as participants in this study to determine the outcome of teacher education and teaching preparedness of student teachers. A total of 422 valid surveys were retrieved at a rate of 74.95% from 11 universities with teacher education program. Subsequently, mean, standard deviation, an independent samples t test, one-way analysis of variance, and exploratory factor analysis were employed. The following conclusions were deduced from this study: (1) The teacher professional knowledge and ability that student teachers learned primarily include reflective thinking, class management, and pedagogical content knowledge that emphasizes what and how to teach. (2) The teacher professional knowledge and ability that student teachers used include instructional design, communicative counseling, and professionalism, indicating that internships are valuable for becoming a teacher. (3) The teacher professional knowledge and ability that student teachers emphasize are teaching commitment, curriculum design, and self-confidence, revealing that fostering community or social resources and teaching confidence must be enhanced. (4) Acquisition, use, and importance of teacher professional knowledge and ability do not differ according to gender, academic background, or location of the internship school. The relativity of reflective thinking with instruction design is the highest, and pedagogical content knowledge and teaching commitment do not differ significantly. (5) The relativities among the three assessments of teacher professional knowledge and ability are all positive. It dedicated that participants had a considerable degree of common knowledge and abilities from framework of education professional curriculum
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