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Title: 讀報結合閱讀理解策略教學對國小四年級學童學習成效之研究
Other Titles: Teaching Comprehension Strategy Combined with Newspaper Reading to Grade-4 Students
Authors: 洪月女
Yueh-Nu Hung
Ya-Szu Yang
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究結合讀報,採用責任逐漸轉移模式進行為期10 週的閱讀理解策略教學,並探討學童接受該實驗教學後的學習成效。研究對象為新竹市某公立國民小學四年級三個班,實驗組1接受閱讀理解策略教學,也進行讀報活動;實驗組2 接受成語教學與讀報活動,但不接受閱讀理解策略教學;控制組僅接受國語課教學,不進行讀報活動,也不接受閱讀理解策略教學。本研究發現:一、接受讀報結合閱讀理解策略教學後,實驗組1 的閱讀理解能力有所提升。二、教學實驗後,三組學童的閱讀理解能力在說明文上有顯著差異,實驗組1 優於實驗組2,也優於控制組。三、實驗組1 對讀報結合閱讀理解策略的教學反應佳。最後根據研究結果提出教學與研究的建議。
This study investigated the effectiveness of reading comprehension strategy instruction combined with newspaper reading. A quasi-experimental research design was adopted and studentswere recruited from three integrated grade-4 classes in a public elementary school in Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan. Group 1 received comprehension strategy instruction combined with newspaper reading. Group 2 read newspapers and learned Chinese idioms. The control group received only Chinese language arts instruction. The experimental instruction lasted for 10 weeks with two 40-min classes per week. Statistical analyses were conducted to examine the participants’ changes in reading comprehension and the reaction of Group 1 to the instructional innovation. According to the results, (1) the reading comprehension of the students in Group 1 improved; (2) the expository text reading comprehension of the students in Group 1 was significantly higher than that of the students in Group 2 and the control group; and (3) the students in Group 1 responded to the experimental instruction positively. On the basis of these results, this study discussed classroom implications and suggested future research directions.
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