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Title: 大學經濟弱勢學生入學及就學扶助政策分析與建議
Other Titles: Expanding Access to and Participation in Higher Education for Low-SES Students: Policy Analysis and Suggestions
Authors: 鄭英耀
Ying-Yao Cheng
Der-Long Fang
Sheng-Yih Chuang
Li-Ming Chen
Min-Ju Liu
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 經濟弱勢學生可能會因個人家庭或經濟因素而被排除於高等教育之外,使得以教育來促動社會流動的功能大打折扣。本研究目的在探討臺灣及國際上對大學經濟弱勢學生的入學及就學扶助措施,並據以對教育部政策提供修正芻議。研究方法為文獻分析法,分別針對臺灣對大學經濟弱勢學生的助學政策、經濟弱勢學生入學與就學時的考量與問題、改善經濟弱勢學生入學與就學的策略等議題進行探討。結果顯示,教育部對經濟弱勢學生的入學與就學提供了相當多的扶助措施,但這些扶助措施與經濟弱勢學生的問題與考量仍有部分落差,如學生可能選擇學業不匹配的大學、不懂申請程序與缺乏協助等,仍待改善政策以符學生需求。本研究依據文獻資料、國外政府與頂尖大學的作法,針對政策端及大學端的經濟弱勢學生入學及就學扶助措施提出改善建議,如推動擴大參與方案、簡化入學申請流程、建構經濟弱勢學生入學扶助單一網頁窗口等。以期能讓更多經濟弱勢學生有機會透過高等教育來改善自身處境,促進社會向上流動,亦可落實校園多元化的理念,符應社會公正性。
Family or economic factors may hinder low socioeconomic status (SES) students from pursuing higher education, which may limit their social mobility. This study investigated the admission policy and practices of and campus aid for low-SES students in Taiwan and other developed countries and accordingly provided suggestions for Taiwan education policies. The research method was a literature review focusing on university campus aid for low-SES students in Taiwan, on these students’ considerations and difficulties in pursuing higher education, and on strategies to improve their admission and retention rates. The analysis indicated that although the Taiwan Ministry of Education enacted numerous assistance strategies for the admission and retention of low-SES students, gaps still exist between these measures and the actual problems and considerations of students. For instance, low-SES students may choose schools that academically undermatch their performance, have little understanding of the admission process, or lack assistance in preparing admission applications. Thus, some policies may require revision to address the needs of such students. According to the strategies of developed country governments and top universities and evidences from empirical studies, this paper proposes numerous suggestions for improving low-SES students’ university admission and retention rates, including promoting widening participation programs, simplifying the admission application process, and constructing a single platform website integrating all information on application and assistance relevant to low-SES students. With these suggestions, the authors hope to reinforce the concept of campus diversity and assist low-SES students improve their current situation.
Other Identifiers: 69CD2AF2-D74A-D83F-15F5-3B1E97061F5A
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