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Title: 知識整合數位課程促進學生科學素養:以化學反應概念為例
Other Titles: Using a Knowledge-Integration-Based Digital Curriculum to Facilitate Scientific Literacy in Learning Chemical Reactions
Authors: 張欣怡
Hsin-Yi Chang
Shu-Yuan Chang
Ching-Jang Lo
Jeng-Fung Hung
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究融合以知識整合為設計原則的數位科學課程於正式課程中,檢視該課程能否促進學生於化學反應單元相關的科學素養,比較同校不同班級之學生分別接受知識整合數位科學課程與傳統教學方法後,在化學反應單元所展現的科學素養。研究對象為高雄市某國中八年級兩個班級的學生,每班共計四節課教學活動。教學前,學生先進行「化學反應素養測驗前測」,在教學結束後,再進行「化學反應素養測驗後測」與該校段考成就測驗,並在教學結束後1 個月進行「化學反應素養測驗延宕後測」。研究結果指出,該知識整合數位科學課程可以提升學生於化學反應單元相關的科學素養,而延宕測驗結果顯示,相較於傳統教科書教學,該課程對參與學生於化學反應單元相關科學素養具有長期效應。然而,接受知識整合數位科學課程教學後之學生所表現出的科學素養與其之後的學校理化段考表現存在斷裂,本研究據以反思現行課程與評量之議題。
In this study, we implemented a digital science curriculum design based on the knowledge integration perspective to replace the conventional textbook-based curriculum, focusing on the topic of chemical reactions. We investigated the influence of the curriculum on the eighth-grade students’ scientific literacy relating to the concepts of chemical reactions. The participants were two classes consisting of 58 students: one class received instructions by using the knowledge-integration-based digital curriculum and the other class received instructions by using conventional textbooks. Data collected included pretest, posttest, midterm exam, and delayed posttest results, consisting of items that measured students’ scientific literacy relating to the concepts of chemical reactions. The results indicated that the knowledge-integration-based digital curriculum has both short-term and long-term effects on facilitating students’ scientific literacy. However, students’ performances in scientific literacy after the instruction were not associated with their performances in traditional school exams. Concerns of school tests and instructions were discussed.
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