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Title: 影響服務滿意度與忠誠度關係的調節變數
Factors Moderating the Relationshios between Service Satisfaction and Loyalty
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究探討影響顧客滿意度與忠誠度間的調節變數. 過去研究多半認為滿意度與忠誠度間具備正向的關係, 亦即滿意度越高, 忠誠度越高. 本研究討論四個影響二者關係的調節變數: 多樣化尋求傾向, 品牌間的差異化, 競爭品牌的過去消費經驗, 以及選擇多寡. 本研究討論此四變數以及彼此間的互動關係如何影響滿意度與忠誠度間的關連. 本研究之結果期望能對滿意度與忠誠度間的關係提供一個更全面的視野.
This theme of this research is to investigate variables that moderate the relationships between customer satisfaction and loyalty. Prior research generally established a positive relationship between satisfaction and loyalty. However, it is suggested that under certain contexts, the positive relationship between satisfaction and loyalty may break up. This research explores four such moderating variables and their interactions in moderating the relationships between satisfaction and loyalty. These variables are consumer s’ variety seeking tendency, number of choices, differentiation among competitive offers, and past experiences with competitive offers. It is expected that the results of this research can help broaden our view toward the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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