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Title: 宜蘭地區海岸環境永續規劃與管理
Environmental Sustainable Planning and Management in the I-Lan Coast
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Publisher: 中華民國工程環境學會會刊委員會
Abstract: 本研究從釐清宜蘭海岸的現況課題並探討其根源,在永續發展視角下,提出改善與發展策略建議,提供相關單位在對於當前政策調整與未來規劃參考的行動方案。本研究透過策略規劃方法,就資源的永續使用、維繫生物的多樣性、加強自然災害的防護、強化海岸廢棄物控制、合理統理經濟發展、提升海岸社區福祉、整合使用類型等多項行動與理念為基礎,透過2009至2011年間所持續進行的實地田野調查、開放空間會議、諮詢焦點座談、以及針對社區的面對面訪談等,歸納並轉譯宜蘭海岸現況與面臨課題,就宜蘭海岸地區推動有利於海岸與水環境、廢棄物減量、生態化工業區、和綠色社區等議題為例,提出宜蘭海岸地帶的永續發展具體目標與行動策略,邁向永續發展。
This study aims to clarify the current issues of the I-Lan Coast, in the sustainable development perspective, by the proposed strategies to elaborate recommendations of sustainable strategies and action plans for the related current and further planning. Through strategic planning methods and based on the concepts of sustainable use of resources, maintaining biodiversity, enhancing natural fortification against hazards, strengthening pollution control, and enhancing wellbeing of coastal communities, the raw materials of this study were collected from field investigations, open space technology meetings, group-focus seminars, face-to-face interviews to the locals, etc., during 2009 to 2011. We inducted and translated the data collected to the issues of promoting a conducive environment for coastal and water, the waste control, ecologically industrial parks, and green communities. It concludes to propose the goals, strategies and action plans towards sustainable development in the I-Lan Coast.
ISSN: 2078-5941
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0419_01_011
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