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Title: 賣梨者言---台灣高接梨品質治理的地理分析
Words of Pear-Sellers--- The Geographical Analysis of Quality Governance about the Top Grafting Pears in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 台灣生產高接梨已有三十餘年的歷史。高接梨是一項高經濟價值的農產品,而台灣 不同地區皆有生產高接梨。目前市場上同品種的高接梨存在著因地方差別而產生的價格 區間。本研究主要的目的即在藉由三個個案研究,探討為什麼不同地方的高接梨會產生 出不同的價值與價格?高接梨的社會生命史是如何發展的?地方差異如何形成不同的高 接梨的差異的社會生命史?農民與哪些行動者共同營造出高接梨的社會生命史?而不同 地區的高接梨社會生命史又對地方的文化與社會產生何種影響? 本研究的目的在探討高接梨的社會生命史以及它們的地方差異。社會生命史中,物 的轉化的進一步釐清,則會牽引出物的商品鍊、價值鍊與品質治理等理論,來說明物在 轉化價值的過程中,物的品質如何被塑造與被哪些行動者所共同影響?當然,物的價值 差異除了反映在物的價格之上,也反映在物的商品化過程與社會鑲嵌與傳統的互動之上。 關鍵詞: 高接梨,品質治理,傳統理論,商品化。
It has been more than 30 years since the top grafting pears were introduced in Taiwan. The top grafting pears are valuable agricultural goods and they are produced around Taiwan. However, the prices of the top grafting pear of different regions vary hugely. The aims of the research, by way of case studies, are to explore why top grafting pears are of different quality and price? How does top grafting pear lead its social life? What might be the relationships between regions and top grafting pear’s different social lives? Who, apart from the farmers, are involved in the making of the social lives and what might be their influences upon local culture and society? In order to explore the social lives of the top grafting pears and the uneven development caused, the research takes ideas such as commodity chain, quality governance to explain how, and by what actors, things are transferred in terms of their qualities. The quality changes of “things” reflect not only the prices of things but also the commoditization process and the interaction between embeddedness and conventions. Keywords: top grafting pears, quality governance, convention theory, commoditization.
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