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Title: 台灣都市門禁社區之發展對傳統社區生活與都市治理之衝擊研究---探訪桃花源---門禁社區與都市地理學
Visiting Utopia---Gated Community and Urban Geography
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 台灣的都市發展過程中除了出現西方都市化中普遍之都市蔓延或郊區化等 現象外,也出現了另一種西方都市的新興現象:門禁社區。目前台灣的都市社區 中新建的住宅幾乎都是以門禁社區的形式出現:社區內、外以圍牆區隔,設有一 或多個警衛室,社區內部的共用設施為住戶專用,排除其他的使用者,而形成一 個封閉的公共空間。門禁社區除了有空間形式的特色之外,它的形成原因還包括 安全、隱私以及生活素質與美學形式等因素。社區居民對住宅的選擇使得都市分 化成不同階級的都市城堡聚落,而原本台灣都市中不顯著的階級區位也因此形成 了漸趨明顯的社區階級化的分殊現象。門禁社區的出現與普及使得台灣都市逐漸 產生斷裂與分化。在新自由主義的脈絡下,門禁社區的意義也呈現一個對生活品 質不滿的自力救濟過程,在此過程中市場取代政府提供安全、隱私與生活風格, 也因此門禁社區的出現代表著市民對缺乏能力的政府與日益敗壞的生活環境的 抵抗。但這個趨勢事實上是對公民社會公共參與的反叛,居民從社會退縮至社 區,再推縮至門禁內的住宅聚落。 本研究為一二年期之研究。第一年將選定台北市的門禁社區與非門禁社區做 比較,就形成原因、生活方式等因素做比較。第二年將根據已建立之門禁社區特 色對大台北地區之門禁社區類型作廣泛之調查研究,建構出門禁社區的地理分佈 類型學。同時本研究將探討政府政策與市場對門禁社區之影響。
In addition to urban sprawl and suburbanization, which commonly happen in western cities, the newly happened 「gated community」 happens in Taiwan as well. Most of the urban housing development appears as gated community: the community is a walled enclave, with one or more guardian offices and community-owned infrastructure excluding non-resident』s access. In addition to its spatial characteristic, what is specific for gated community includes safety, privacy and living aesthetics. The choices of community residents make city fortressed settlements belonging to different classes. This phenomenon makes urban society in Taiwan a class-driven diversification, which was not so in the past. Gated community diversifies and fragments urban society in Taiwan. However, gated community also means a self-help choice towing to the dissatisfaction to bad quality of life under neo-liberalism. In the process, the market replaces the state providing safety, privacy and lifestyle. Gated community means people』s resistance to the incompetent state and degrading quality of life. The phenomenon also mean citizens retreat from society to community and to settlement finally leaving citizens atomistic individuals. The research will be two-year long and there will be a comparison of reasons as well as lifestyle between gated community and normal community in the first year. Based on the finding in the first year, a geography and typology of gated community in Taipei would be completed as a result. In addition, the research would like to know how urban policies and the market affect gated community.
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