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Title: 高中適性地理資訊學習系統之建構
The Development of the Adaptive GIS Learning System for Taiwan High Schools
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 近年來世界各國教育當局都體認到將地理資訊系統(GIS)落實到中學地理教育的 重要性,但同時也大都面臨到推廣困難的問題。台灣隨著九十九年新高中地理課程綱即 將實施,GIS 的教學不但已由高三選修改為高一必修,同時規畫上課時數降低為5 至6 堂。如何在有限時間內讓學生有效學習GIS 是個亟具挑戰性的問題。近來以學生為中心 的學習成為許多國家的教學新典範,結合網路科技與適性學習的「適性數位學習系統」 能按照學生的能力與進度輔助個人化學習,對於輔助高中生學習GIS 具有發展潛力。故 本研究將建構一套結合Web GIS 的適性地理資訊學習系統,以高一「地理資訊」單元的 具體目標作為學習內容,先進行全國性GIS 教學現況調查規劃系統需求,並邀請高中地 理教師參與系統的課程設計,以「設計型研究法」邀請高中學生進行至少三次的系統循 環測試,有效提升系統的適用性,最後藉由辦理教師研習活動,將此學習系統推廣到全 國各高中。
In the last decade, although applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in K-12 classrooms has becoming a general agreement among many countries, the growing is still far from widespreading. In Taiwan, as the new National Geography Curriculum of Senior High School is going to be carried out in 2010, K-10 students are compulsory to learn the fundamental GIS concepts and software operation within 5 to 6 classes. Therefore it’s significant to develop a new approach for students to learn about and with GIS more effectively. As the student-centered learning has become a new learning paradigm. By integrating adaptive learning with Internet technology, an adaptive e-learning system can personalize learning approach, which may help students to learn about and with GIS in a limited schedule. The aim of this research is to develop an adaptive GIS learning system based on Web GIS, particularly for the senior high school GIS curricula. This study will start from a national assessment of GIS education in Taiwan high schools in order to define the system requirements. A number of high school geography teachers will be invited to develop learning activities and materials for the system. The design-based research (DBR) methodology will be applied to facilitate the system usability by inviting high school students with different groups to test the system at least three design cycles. Finally, a teacher training program will be undertaken to promote the use of this system in Taiwan high schools.
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